On a Weekend Concert

Boogapony and GLAM Promotions is thrilled to present:

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the aFa Weekend Concert Series!

I’m Frank, your host. You can currently find me strolling the beach with provoking thoughts at Beach Walk Reflections. In my prior blog life, I hosted A Frank Angle for over 11 years.

Music was an important part of aFa life. I hosted 8 musicals of 81 different acts/themes – plus 23 in the Weekend Concert Series. I won’t even attempt to guess how many songs appeared in those posts. Because Resa loved the music at aFa, she invited me to resurrect the series at this beautiful concert hall in Toronto – The Glam.

Before the show starts, one important note. Make sure you follow The Producer’s guidelines below.

Ladies and gentlemen from around the world. Courtesy of Boogapony and Glam Promotions, give a loud welcome to the Bee Gees with Lonely Nights!

The Host’s Choice

The Producer’s Guidelines

Only songs performed by any of the following: the Bees Gees, Andy Gibb, and solo careers.

  • No duplicate songs
  • In Comments: Include the song title in your introduction text so others can see it
  • One song per person on Day 1, unlimited on Day 2
  • To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line) – (I do not mind unembedding, so no  apologies are necessary)

Note: Return on Day 2 to submit more songs without limits. (My typical signal is posting a song for all attendees.)

The Promoters’ Choice

Past Concerts (Category): Beatles, Ex-Beatles, Moody Blues, Queen, Neil Diamond, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Elton John, Billy Joel, Crosby Stills Nash & Young (the group), Doobie Brothers, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Journey, Prince

Boogapony Holly Character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since January, 2018

BIG THANK YOU to DALE official Maître d’ of Weekend Concert Series

310 thoughts on “On a Weekend Concert

    1. Happy to see you here at the concert! I adore the Bee Gees!
      Check back in during the day to hear more of the songs people post.
      You can post as many as you want tomorrow.

              1. I searched it! First hit was a quote from Frank’s old blog “All will be stars, so do not expect to see Rocco Flamefart and the Ultimate Deathtrip Chinese Icebox Jug Band.”

            1. I did DDG it. The first hit is a quote from your old blog. “All will be stars, so do not expect to see Rocco Flamefart and the Ultimate Deathtrip Chinese Icebox Jug Band.”
              Good one!

  1. Resa and Frank, the world certainly needs a concert right now. I suspect I’d know most of their songs if I heard them, but “Stayin Alive” was the only one that came to mind. 😀

    1. “Stayin Alive” is perfect for today’s world. No wonder it’s the one and only that came to mind.
      I do believe I met you at an aFa Musical.

      Merril, yes, we need some fun and music.

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  3. Love this uplifting musical 🎶 treat! Thank you dear Resa and Frank. Resa your Boogapony header is awesome! She’s really feeling the vibes and putting down some amazing Bee Gee tunes on that guitar. I love all the choices , everyone is into the Brothers Gibb!

      1. Thank you Frank. Such a beautiful song by some very young B G’s, I love it. By all means we need some links to more of their great music. We should be Dancing is one of my favorites , Lonely Nights as well.

    1. Boogapony is so gorgeous playing the guitar!
      Lol! Maybe she should have her own band!
      Lots of great songs here today! 💙🎼🧡💙🎼🧡

  4. Thanks Resa and Frank The Bee Gees were as about as hot as a band can get with five top songs on the charts. And, in my view, that was not their best work. “Lonely Days” is a great example of that pre-disco rocket ship they got on. HBO airs a documentary on the career of The Bee Gees that tells all the ups and downs from brothers in harmony to brothers in competition. It is excellent. A tidbit from the documentary, Barry’s falsetto he used on the disco songs was an ad lib discovery to end another song in recording. Keith

    1. Keith,
      Thanks for sharing. I see the Bee Gees in two segments – disco and pre-disco .. and they had many pre-disco hits. In some ways, disco served as a comeback for them. Meanwhile, blog concerts work when attendees provide a song. Where’s yours? Song one has to be the first for this.

    2. Hello Keith!
      Glad to see you at the concert!
      I’ve seen that documentary. It is amazing! Frank came up with this Concert Series. It’s a lot of fun.
      Now that you’ve figured out how to play, you’ll be a pro at the next concert.

    1. M,
      Oh wow … that is a good one. Thanks for the addition. FYI about future concerts, each person gets one song on day 1, but unlimited on day 2. The Producer was want to send you through the meatgrinder, but I talked him out of it. Patience is not his thing.

    2. Excellent choice, M and don’t let The Producer get your goat. You didn’t supply a song… Frank supplied a song for you. So as official Maitre d’ I am telling you that y’all done good!

  5. Timothy Price

    Boogapony Holly is such a Hot rocker or Disco Queen considering the Bee Gees. “Saturday Night Fever” is forever associated with the Bee Gees for me. The movie was so decadent and the music so perfect. As a young, upcoming ballroom dancer, I was learning all the disco dances of that time. As a young rock guitarist playing in garage bands and working in a music store, I was stuck between the musicians whose mantra was “Disco Sucks!” and the dancers who loved the decadent Disco beat and the slotty, compact Disco dances. The Bee Gees were the greatest ambassadors for mainstream Disco IMHO.

        1. Of course you were interrupted by the sunrise! I would be too, if I lived where you do.
          Love “Night Fever”! Thanks Tim. I gotta check out the other link!

            1. Well, you can’t do that. My tree is in prime photo position.
              So, dawn slipped into Toronto, behind thick grey clouds. If it wasn’t for the cats sitting on me for their breakfast, I wouldn’t know it was morning.

  6. Ah, you already picked what is by far my favorite Brothers Gibb song, were they did a damn good job channeling the Beatles. I read that they actually mimicked the recording techniques, particularly in emulation of John Lennon’s voice, to try get “that sound”, and they came far closer than about any other band that tried. I might be able to find something from the solo songs I like better, but, have to admit, they were never my favorite (except as a six year old when Lonely Days was by far my favorite!) I will go for Manhattan Skylines. Deep disco sound, but not bad over all. https://youtu.be/lXuHmaUgDxQ Hope you enjoy. (Yes, I like instrumentals, and back in the day, this was my favorite of their big hits – our high school band played this and, being a first trumpet player, it was a lot of fun)

        1. I would love to see a large variety of artists, but some jazz, particularly the people you mentioned (maybe include Chick Corea, since you have Herbie), would be great. Can you imagine the huge variety that could come from Miles? Hmm. Or Hancock!

      1. Thanks, Resa. yeah, in some ways when I play keyboards, and particularly solo, I very often phrase like a trumpet player. It is very deeply ingrained. Yep, and I am having fun with it now 🙂

  7. This is my first concert and it was terrific. Awesome header and love the Brothers Gibb. So many great past concerts, too. My favorite is also the “Guilty” duet with Barbara as I’ve been a fan since I was 9 years old when I knew I’d be a singer when I grew up. 🙂
    Thanks, Frank and Resa, for this musical entertainment! 🎶🎵💕

    1. Excellent! Next time, to help other participants, just add the name of the song, in this case: More Than a Woman – that way they can see the title and not have to click on the song (though that is part of the fun)

    1. C’mon, Gigi, give us a song! 😉 Just make sure it’s not already been used. The Producer is cranky and will give you the buzzer on top of this booing!

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  9. What a party!!! I thought this would be a quiet day! Instead I am dancing and being with amazing friends. Thank you to the presenters, Boogapony and GLAM Promotions for the glamourous art venue, to Frank the amazing host of this Weekend Concert Series and for stellar beach walks, to Dale the Maitre d’ of Weekend Concert Series and to all the brilliant attendees. This unforgettable weekend will be about music, joy and positive energy.

    1. Pick a song, Rebecca! Put it in comments! No one has picked an Andy Gibb song, yet. We would love to hear your pick, before Frank gets back, The Producer’s boos and buzzers!

  10. Wow. I just had to stop by and see the fun over here. I’m off in minutes to hike around some ancient petroglyphs with family but will be back to immerse myself in some BeeGees. Thanks Frank and Resa for the fun concert. What a wonderful idea. ❤ ❤

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