Putin Go F**k Yourself

I just had to go to Graffiti Alley yesterday. I was wondering if any of the artists were showing their support for Ukraine with their art. I found this by nick_sweetman

Nick says on his Instagram account:

“We chose the colours of the Ukranian flag and wrote “Putin idy nakhuy” which in Ukranian means “Putin, go fuck yourself” sung by Ukraine’s national animal, the nightingale. Letters by @mr_tensoe2 @twice.born and @workingspy3000 who also painted the white dove of peace 🕊”

A look at the alley.

Graffiti Alley is a large network of lanes and alleys. I continued on my way.

…and found this painted paste-up, which was obviously purposely wrinkled up in the gluing.

Say it again!

92 thoughts on “Putin Go F**k Yourself

    1. You’re welcome, John! I thought there might be more art in solidarity with Ukraine. However, it has been below freezing. These artists were out painting in freezing cold and wind. Good on them. I think as the weather warms, there will be more art.

    1. I know 2 of the artists. They are great guys. They painted the mural on the wall of the building I live in. Nick is talented at painting wildlife. I think his nightingale is a beauty! The dove, the lettering, everything is spot on. So happy you saw this! {{{hugs}}}
      PS LOVE the post on the Fe-Lines!

    1. Of course he is not human. He is a monster.
      Still, I appreciate that the artist was trying to draw a parallel between poo-tin, and that orange guy who used to lead America.

    1. Nick is a fabulous artist. He painted the Monarch on the wall outside on the 2nd floor of our home.
      It’s not simple. True!
      Nick and the boys mural is angry, in solidarity and hopeful.
      The paste-up of putin near the end of the post attempts to evoke the frightening problem.
      omg.. I wonder where he got the idea for the MRGA cap?
      Meece to Meece xoxoxo

    1. Love the alley!
      The word…yeah, I know. That’s why I put F**k.
      I get it, too. The guys did a fab job. It’s still winter here. They were out in the freezing cold.
      I’m hoping for his unexpected heart attack.

    1. Yes, he is evil. Perhaps beyond evil, if that’s possible. He is in the company of Hitler.
      Hopefully as it warms up, there will be more art in solidarity w/Ukraine. Unless the war is over!!!!!! I hope!!!!!

  1. Grafitti Alley looks amazing, Resa, and thanks for seeking out murals that support Ukraine. I love the way artists incorporate social commentary in their work. Yes, Putin can go f**k, himself. What a monster. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. ❤ ❤

    1. My heart, too!
      Graffiti Alley is a fabulous place. I can hardly wait for warmer weather, which brings out the artists and new art. Hopefully there won’t be new art supporting Ukraine, because the war is over. HOPE!! ❤ ❤

    1. Graffiti Alley is very appealing. I do spend hours in it. Of course there are many alleys, streets and areas that have street art. The thing about graffiti alley is it is where I find the mist political art. ❦

  2. The bird had me thinking of Bob Marley, and the message is a resounding middle finger to Putin’s evil quest for power. And yanno what? I bet he HAS one of those hats!

        1. Thanks!
          Working on drawing of RR (Holly House of Heart) her hair “A Tangle of Sunflowers”.
          The AGMs are all in on it. Dale and all the AGMs gowns are blue and yellow.
          It’s going to be one helluva post.
          I did a movie for Showtime about Vietnam. I made a video for my portfolio. One of my earliest movies. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/24743005

    1. I’m thrilled it was there.
      I’m hoping the war will be over before more artists paint messages, as the spring kicks in. These guys are die-hards.. painting in the freeze of winter.

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    1. We have many artists in Toronto. It’s great that they can paint outside. It’s a way of getting noticed. Many have gone on to indoor shows and paying commissions. xxx

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