The Blue Jay & the Rose

This is the last piece on the outer wall, before we enter the dark underpass.

What a beauty!

After the final piece in my previous post (see a bit of it at the extreme left in the image below) is this wonderful abstract that segues into the Blue Jay.

Pic blows up okay.

You can see the Blue Jay piece curving around into the underpass.

Pics taken by Resa – October 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists are unknown to me at this time.

28 thoughts on “The Blue Jay & the Rose

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      1. Arletta Ellington

        As I come to think of it – the Blue Jay is a main hyperbolic figure in Thomas Pynchon’s novel Vineland. I came to think of it as I saw how the blue jay sneaks in unobtrusively in the art work here, very much like it sneaks into Pynchon’s story of how a person can see herself and the life she can live in the world.

    1. It’s really gorgeous to see in real life. Seems like all artists want to paint in the street now.More people see that bird in a day than one month of a gallery show. Hugs!!!

  2. Carolee Croft

    I like those locations that have more than one mural, especially if they blend into each other. Nice to catch up on your art adventures after my little holiday. I was in Rio and other towns along the coast of Brazil. Didn’t see any good graffiti though to compare with Sao Paulo’s. Rio has the ocean and the mountains, so I guess it’s not in quite as desperate a need of beautification. I do have lots more to send you from SP… Will probably send you something in the next few weeks.

    1. Great that you had a fun time in Rio! Well, the mountains and ocean are quite the art themselves.
      None of that in land locked Toronto, or Sao Paulo. Toronto is on a lake, but it’s not so majestic, and the highways run along it. Is there a lake or special park in Sao Paulo?

      1. Carolee Croft

        There is a big park called Ibarapuera but it’s kind of a long journey from where I am. Not a lot of nature around except tiny pocket parks, with which I make do.

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