21 thoughts on “New Girl in the Alley

    1. Yes, a magic dream. I like that idea!
      So, I am 2 or 3 days away from finishing the new Art Gown. They really do take a lot of time. That means I am a week to 10 days to posting it.
      I will begin our Art gown…. probably late August. So I am looking at a mid – late fall fairy. We have some time, but my biggest question is “What colors do fairies come in?”
      Anyway, expect all of my fairy questions in August!

      1. What kind of fairy? Veggie fairy — colors of pumpkin, eggplant, green pepper, tomato. Flower — all the pinks, purples, yellows and spring greens. Autumn fairy — fall leaf colors, wine, oak brown, fire red, deep purple. Water nymph — blues, turquoises and greens. You get my gist. What is inspiring you to make a fairy? I’d collect some images that you feel most meet your internal fairy compass, and then think about the kind of fairy they embody. That will lead you to the color and theme. It should be whatever is inside you. Is that helpful? I’m happy to talk further.

        In late August, I might be doing some traveling. But I’ll try to still be in my blog every few days.

        Can’t wait to see the new gown. XOXO

        1. Lol! You are inspiring me o make a fairy Art Gown.
          Thank you for all of this info on colors!
          How fab to hear you may be traveling sometime in August.
          I will get back to you in early September, when I’ve begun my new fairy Art Gown.
          The latest AG is finished in 1 or 2 days, revealing in about 9 days.
          Hmm, are there any famous fairies? xoxo

          1. I’ve been thinking about what my fairy would do, if I were to write a new fairy tale. I might make a pollution-removing fairy and use starlight as a theme. Or a seed fairy, and find a fabric and stamp it with actual seeds. Or a redwood fairy, and have dark green and redwood colors. So many good options. My mind is just swimming with thoughts. I hope your dress is fun in the finishing.

            1. It will be, especially with input from you!
              I need to copy your recent fairy comments into a word doc, and as soon as the next post is up and on it’s way, I’ll be mailing you to keep track of ideas. xoxo

    1. It is one of many fab alleys. I know you would love them.
      What I like about this particular alley is that the art from 4 years ago has been respected, and left untagged.
      The new art surrounds the older art, which is by known street artists. The new art is by new artists.
      There’s nothing like a painted alley!
      Go ahead, paint my day!

    1. Things are a bit crazy here! 😀 It’s summer and the weddings and bar-b-ques are up in full force. We must take advantage up north. Soon winter comes! 😀 Trust you are well, dear Charlie! x

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