Peruvian Patio

On Harbord Street, Toronto


There’s an adorable patio on the side of a Peruvian- Latin American restaurant.


Most of the image is painted on the wall.


Some of the characters are painted on separate wood cut-outs, then placed a bit away from the wall.


This creates a 3D effect, which is more effective in real life than in a photo.


Love the humor!


The pano shots look great blown up.


Pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The artist is unknown to me.


33 thoughts on “Peruvian Patio

  1. Now that is a lovely find Resa! Very, very charming, colorful and made me smile too (you know the lady showing her…bum-bum). Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend my lovely designer friend (waiting for the gown)! 🙂 xoxo

          1. I just savored her majestic beauty Resa. Your talent is a super power of one of a kind, amazing how you turn your visions into these beautiful Haute Couture master pieces. Believe me I know what it takes, I can sew as well but never came to make a gown. Your hand work is just superb and your knowledge of fabrics and techniques is superior. You fuse perfectly together your imagination, skills and talents into a wonderful art pieces and Mystic Lake is really Majestic and Magical. Much love and hugs to my lovely designer, wizard of all gowns! xoxo

    1. i know, it is very quaint! 😀 there was another half to the patio where people were eating. I got lots of stares, but nothing stops me from taking pics of murals. 😀

      1. I’ve already been there!!!
        How beautiful it is… I’ve been looking everyday the past week because of the comment you made to Eva above!
        You have made yet another sheer delight. I can see the Ducks, Swans and Pigeons gliding along on ethereal wings. ❤

    1. Just came from your site 10 mins. ago! As always, I adore your work, 😀
      It’s difficult just to merely dip into your imagination, it’s usually a full dive. Keep up the great work, Charlie! Much love!

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