Grumpy Cat Garage

Canadian-Chilean artist Shalak is hot!!

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

We are hoarding her here in Toronto amap!

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

You just gotta click on the shot below! The second half is courtesy Clandestinos.

GCat #6
Artist: Shalak

Pics taken by Resa, July 24, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak


41 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat Garage

  1. Hello pussycat !
    ” So you think that you are going to put your car in here after leaving for work this morning and not petting me goodbye ” 😉
    Happy Sunday my friend. Hugs. Ralph xoxox #< ❤ #<

    1. MEOW! It’s all about the cats. Jeep & Johnny have informed me that they want final approval of the beauty shots for Sonic & Samantha. I’ve taken about 50 shots, & only about 6 are approved. Well, I’ll send those along shortly.
      Who ever heard of cats getting final approval? Are they taking over? Sunday is lovely. ❤ Hugs… xoxo <#

      1. Oh no, cats are so finicky. It will be December before they make their final decision. BTW, not this Friday coming post, but two weeks after that I will be publishing Jeepo and Sonic’s love letters. Should be fun. I am so looking forward to seeing what you have got once J&J have decided and given you the go-ahead.
        Lots of love. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

    1. Shalak is a wonderful street artist! Her animals and faces (so far mostly female) are outstanding. This was a bit of a remote alley. It always starts with… was that a slice of color in the distance. Upon further investigation, I was rewarded with this beauty! ❤

    1. Agree! Shalak is amazing, and so are the other artists painting at an International Street Art Festival this weekend… & I’m going! So excited. 😀 Have started to read “Tomorrow’s End”. Although, I’m supposed to finish reading another book first. 😀 xoxoxo

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