The Pink Cat

Here’s the Pink Cat from the park on Sorauren!

PinkCat #1

PinkCat #2


PinkCat #3

PinkCat #4

PinkCat #5

PinkCat #7

Pics taken by Resa, November 11, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The Artists


PinkCat #9

PinkCat #8

20 thoughts on “The Pink Cat

  1. Dale

    These are great.
    I think of you every single time I have to go to my boys’ school.. there is an overpass with 4-5 pillars all fantastically graffitied and I keep telling myself I have to ask you if you want pictures of them…

    1. Hello Dale!
      Of course I want them! I’m a greedy little graf collector!
      There is a page on my menu bar “Submit” In there is an email and info about sending photos in.
      You get the photo cred, & I link to your blog!
      Resa (excited!)

      1. Dale

        I figured you might! I will be going for a car ride in the very near future and will, with pleasure, send them to you! I no longer look at the various graffiti murals with the same eyes…I always think of you!

  2. Gray Dawster

    The cat really does stand out in this
    scene, not just because of its pinkness,
    no it is also for the great artistry too 🙂

    Have a fun Friday Resa 🙂

    Andro xxx

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