Turtle & Ships

Toronto now employs art turtles & ships to hold up freeways.

DVTurtle #1

DVTurtle #3

This is the back/other side of the pillar by Shalak Attack, Smoky & Bruxa

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Turtles are very strong!

DVTurtle #7

DVTurtle #4

Pics taken by Resa, November 9, 2015

Toronto, Canada

The Artists


15 thoughts on “Turtle & Ships

  1. Gray Dawster

    This one is an unusual subject matter
    but I do like it, and how it has been applied.

    You always add such brilliant postings 🙂

    Andro xxx

      1. Gray Dawster

        It’s always a cool experience visiting you my dear friend Resa 🙂 Enjoy the remainder of your Thursday 😉

        Andro xxx

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