Bloor Life

A pal stopped his car on Bloor St. so I could shoot this graf.

Artist: Elicser

I see it as a slice of life on Bloor, as Elicsr sees it.

ElxBloor #4

ElxBloor #2

ElxBloor #3

ElxBloor #5

Pics taken by Resa, September 7, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Elicsr

ElxBloor #6

18 thoughts on “Bloor Life

    1. Hmm, not sure why I thought you lived in Australia…. Must be all that traveling! LOL Sigh … when I checked your Gravatar it said Northern California.

    1. You would love… love Bloor Street! I love Bloor Street. Like many areas in Toronto, it is rich in cultural experiences & diversities!
      Toronto is a city to be reckoned with as an individual & yet world class in a global mentality.

    1. Yes, the huge letters are called “graffiti writing” or just “Writing”. It is a classic form of graffiti that is not just a tag. There is artistry to it. This one is easy to read. It says “Bloor Life”.
      I can’t always read what’s written, but when I can, I am very pleased.

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