Aged Beauty

Maria from Tropical Flowering Zone has sent in this unique piece.

Photo © Maria Fripi
Photo © Maria Firpi
These faces are incredible, wonderful.
Photo © Maria Firpi
Photo © Maria Firpi

What does the graf writing in the center say? As always, the artist(s) is welcome to set me straight.

Photo © Maria Firpi
Photo © Maria Firpi

 I thought I saw “Line Up”, but hey I’m only so-s0 at reading writing. I’ve gotten used to many local artist’s signatures & can read those.

Photo © Maria Firpi
Photo © Maria Firpi

I searched Mr. Dad One Line Up & Mr. Dad Line Up One, but no luck.

Photo © Maria Firpi
Photo © Maria Firpi

 Pics taken by Maria I Firpi Mazur – October, 2015

Puerto Rico


Artist(s) – year – and title/or?

Photo © Maria Firpi
Photo © Maria Firpi

7 thoughts on “Aged Beauty

  1. Thanks Resa! Yes, you’re right, the mural has to do with the process of ageing, but I’m still curious as to what the letters in the middle mean; whether they hold some sort of secret or wisdom; I guess I’ll never know. We have to let the imagination run, as usual, with lots of art. Thanks for posting it, I thought it was really neat!

    1. Thank you… & I also think It is a very neat post that I got to do, thanks to you!!
      I think the actual faces mean more than the writing…but I wish the artist(s) would see this post and just tell us what it all means.
      (pets & kisses to Lucy)

      1. I think the mural may be about indigenous ancestors on the island, but I’m just guessing. Lucy is “I love Lucy”, I really do! I’ll tell her you send her your love too. Thank you!

    1. I’m elated you appreciate this piece! I’m very impressed by the artist(s) ability to depict this melancholy beauty.
      The letters are modern day hieroglyphics. It’s quite the piece, all in all!

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