Lines of Music Men

On the side of Grossmans Tavern, Cecil & Spadina.

B&J #1

People love it, or hate it.

B&J #3

B&J #4

I’m lovin’ the bass player.

B&J #2

B&J #7

B&J #5

B&J #6

BJ #9b

Pics taken by Resa, September 4, 2015

Toronto, Canada

B&J #8

20 thoughts on “Lines of Music Men

    1. I did a “is that neon” double take myself! This live music tavern is a Toronto “been here forever”. It’s 1 block from the “El Mocambo”, another “streety” watering hole where the Rolling Stones once played an impromptu set.
      Mocambo became that place in Toronto where jaded bands could play & regain street cred. Now it’s almost in ruin again.

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