Star Dreamer


Dream #1

However for 1 month I was a Nominee, felt like a star and got to dream.

Dream #5

Then there was the Nominee Reception.


Here, I was a Dreamer Star.

Dream #2

Then it was the big night…

Dream #3

… and I didn’t win.

Dream #4

Then, I turned into a Lace Munchkin, and knew …


I will always be a dreamer!

Dream #5

Pics taken by Resa, October 21 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

58 thoughts on “Star Dreamer

    1. Aww! Thank you Marina! I think you are a dreamer, too! So there are 2 sweetest dreamers, me and you! 🙂 xxxx
      And 🙂 I am looking forward to your next post announcing your album release!

  1. It was brilliant that you were nominated Resa; that you had the red carpet treatment: 2 parties to remember and your work recognised by your peers. Well done my friend ! Enjoy your fame ! xox ❤ #< #<

    1. Dear Ralph, Thank you for this lovely comment. ❤
      It was quite the roller coaster ride, and I did have fun. There was a big applause when they said my name announcing the nominees, so I think it's all good! I will enjoy! xoxo ❤ #< #<

  2. You win in the heart of everyone who cares about you, which is far better than any contest anyway. Everyone who was nominated was a winner! It is a huge professional honor. Congrats my friend and well done~

  3. Ah Resa this was only the dress-rehearsal, next year you’ll be up at the podium!! The best part is your incredible work was recognized and called out – all the best Resa you are the best dreamer.

      1. lol its not possible now, bt i must do something to top the semester, its the only way i can keep my Dad calm on the graduation ceremony, Asian Parents they just want their kids to be Nerds

    1. Ah, Sherrie, You should be the judge! 😀 No one else would stand a chance. Was a bit nervous about posting the “Munchkiny” capture of me, but if you say I look fab…. I’m going with it! Love you!!!! ♡♡♡♡

        1. Thank you Aquileana! It’s a funny thing, but I do feel like a winner, even though I lost. ⭐ Is there a God for Dreamers? “lol” 😀

          1. Indeed… The greek god of dreams was Morpheus… he had the ability to mimic any human form and appear in dreams… Oh and now we know why the opiate drug Morphine is called that way…
            Have a wonderful week ahead, dear Resa ❤ Aquileana 😀

  4. The most beautiful and elegant dreamer … to have the opportunity to live this great moment, is already a beautiful award, and I think this is a good start, the red carpet now knows you and hopefully a long relationship : -)
    Big hugs Resa.

  5. Resa, you are beautiful with your dreamer spirit!! Wonderful to see the lace outfit for the award – great choice!! As well, you ARE a star and it’s a pleasure to know you. This post is awesome (psst almost as awesome as having you as my friend) ❤

    1. Dear Christy,
      I love having you for a friend, too! xoxo
      The lace frock coat is an original design by…. me. I inherited the ridiculously expensive French lace from a show years ago.
      Even though I think the photographer captured the Munchkin in me, I still like the photo and OMG… I’m on a red carpet!
      I will never complain about my fortunes in this life. One of them is meeting you. Much love, admiration and a whole boat load of hugs and kisses, Resa. ❤

      1. Resa, you look stunning that lace design. It is a great photo of you too with your stunning glasses! My new pair is tortoiseshell and so we are a good pairing! Thanks for the beautiful comment back to me on this weekend. I am with you in deep appreciation of our friendship! HUGS, lots of them!

  6. This is the most gorgeous post, Resa. What a delight it must have been to be honoured like this. And what a fabulous pic of you wearing your wonderful creation.

    Only you, sweet Resa, could look as angelic as you do. My little heart sings for you… 😀

    1. Dear Carolyn,
      I’m thrilled you got to see this post!
      It was a wonderful experience, and I am honored to have been honored. 😀 I was a bit worried about posting the pic of myself, as I was so nervous I could barely pose. However, it was very exciting to see me on a red carpet.
      Angelic…. Yay! xoxo
      Now my heart sings!

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