Happy Happy

A new week is upon us. Have a happy one!

Happy #2

This happiness is found in the Ossington Alley.

Happy #1

The artist appears to be “Sizeo”, with a little help from crew.

Happy #3

Happy #4

Pics taken by Resa, May 9 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

30 thoughts on “Happy Happy

    1. I wish I had a garage to paint, as well! This is a fab alley, and all the garages are painted. It is an outdoor gallery!
      Well, I hope it’s not as cold out there as it is here! If it is, stay warm!
      (The Canadian Screen Awards are this week and my stomach is churning!) haha

  1. I am so amazed in how you find these my friend. This one is definitely happy and I love it. Stay happy Resa ! Happy in a fun way, not being plastered on a garage door way 😉 Love & hugs Ralph xoxox ❤ #< #<

      1. It’s THIS week ???? I am really happy for you. Knock their socks off Resa ! Wish I could be there ! I have everything crossed for you to win ! I am so excited can’t you tell ? ❤ #< #<

        1. Dearest Ralph,
          Yes, it is this week, and I am a “bundle of nerves”. I’ve been invited to many events. I wish I could attend them all. I have decided to attend the “Nominees Reception” which is tomorrow night, and the Gala on Wednesday.
          Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to the wine!
          Sigh! ❤ xoxo #< #<

          1. I bet you are a bundle of nerves Resa. It’s to be expected, but hey, you deserve this nomination; the prize giving for your work and talent; so I hope you enjoy this week and sigh happily as you down the wine amongst the stars, which you are one ! Have fun my starry ⭐ friend. xox ❤ #< #<

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