Goddess of the Garbage’s

I tried to find out who ML is, but no luck.

Garbgoddess #1

I wanted to move the emptied bins. Unfortunately the cross-town alley was narrow, and the cars just kept on coming.

Garbgoddess #2

What a beauty!

Garbgoddess #3

Garbgoddess #4

Garbgoddess #5

Garbgoddess #6

Garbgoddess #7

Pics taken by Resa, December 15 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

10 thoughts on “Goddess of the Garbage’s

    1. I agree, the artist really did something special.I was thrilled when I found her!
      This unknown artist seems to have gathered street cred, quickly.There are no tags, and I figure she’s been there for several months.

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