Hallowe’en Horror – Pt.1


Devil #1

I’m your sweet devil on this Hallowe’en, & be good or I’ll give you wings and you’ll have to fly….forever!

Devil #2

,,,Or I will send my eagle…

Devil #3

Devil #4

…Who will turn you….

Devil #1b

…into a bunny rabbit!!!!!!

Devil #5

Enjoy a Hallowe’en marshmallow burnt over a blue flame.

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….and find a new inner you!

Devil #10

Pics taken by Resa, on February 22, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Devil #21

18 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Horror – Pt.1

    1. Carolyn,
      It’s terrifying! Imagine! 😎 If you were a bunny rabbit you would have to hop, hop, hop all day.
      I can hardly wait to finish the mural. There’s some really scary stuff coming! xoxo

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