Cabbage Rose Love

Seemingly painted in 1996, the artist Ryan Dineen has kept this mural in lovely condition.

Artist: Ryan Dineen
Artist: Ryan Dineen

Located in Cabbagetown, the mural has been well documented in its many years of life.

Artist: Ryan Dineen
Artist: Ryan Dineen

The cabbages look like big, fat green roses to me. The apple temptation, well, what do you think?

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Artist: Ryan Dineen
Artist: Ryan Dineen
Artist: Ryan Dineen
Artist: Ryan Dineen

Pics taken by Resa, on May 2o , 2014

Toronto, Canada

16 thoughts on “Cabbage Rose Love

      1. Always a pleasure…and my site is all right now, and all left too, I can edit, do what I want…of course it wasn’t a big thing, the new software that prevent those infectious ads kind of decided that it was blocking these two pages…so much pleasure…:)

          1. Yes, still get one suspicious file pick up on a daily analysis, but only one, and it is put aside, will have to find exactly how it get on my computer but so far it is ‘controlled’…:)

    1. I love that you like it, I do, too!
      The colors are different than what I’m seeing lately. I see even graf is susceptible to fashion/decorating colors from a time. 😉 😎

    1. Yeah, we have lots of those “Traffic Calming Zones” in residential downtown areas. They lower the speed limit, and set speed bumps every 20 feet.
      It really is a gorgeous mural, and well kept up. The woman walking by was a lucky capture. Also, she and her baby are indicative of the residents in this area, so a calming zone is in order due to the maniacal traffic here in Toronto! 🙂 ❤

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