Flying Into 2016

With the LOVEBOT

HNY16 #1


HNY16 #12

To their NEW YEAR party!

HNY16 #2

HNY16 #3

In a monster parking lot with scads of Graf Writing by many fabulous artists.

HNY16 #14

That reflect in the cars like fireworks.

HNY16 #8

On with the show!

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The X beauty makes an appearance!

HNY16 #23

Pics taken by Resa – September 10, 2015

Toronto, Canada

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ HAPPY NEW YEAR ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

HNY16 #13

HNY16 #18

“Cute Puppy” Heads Up Sherrie Week Security

Code name “Cute Puppy” has been assigned to protect Sherrie & her guests against unforeseen Hallowe’en horror.


  “Cute Puppy” agents  will be undercover at Sherrie’s Birthday Party & all Hallowe’en events. Note the healthy teeth!

2015Hallow #1

OMG! Suddenly, I see POSER is the writer.

Pics taken by Resa – September, 2015


Enjoy the week & get ready for Sherrie’s Birthday Party with host MC Cool Blue Cat. Next on GLaM

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

The Poser Bunnies

Poser Bunnies are found in alleys all around Toronto.

Artist: Poser
Artist: Poser

They are adorable & hysterically funny.

Artist: Poser
Artist: Poser

This mini-mural collaboration is in an alley in Kensington Market

1Poser #3

This cutie is in Graffiti Alley, Queen West.

1Poser #7

This corigated garage door is in a Queen W. alley near Niagra.

1Poser #10

CU’s & others

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Another Kensington Market find.

1Poser #9

Poser in Ottawa? I found it there, but is it really a Poser or a copy-bunny.

1Poser #14

Pics taken by Resa, September 29, 2012 –  September 10, 2015

Toronto & Ottawa, Canada

The Artists of the Pink Poser mini-mural

1Poser #15

1Poser #5

1Poser #4