Stone Roses

I found stone roses. I thought of  Holly – House of Heart

They are on the same wall where I found “A Long Stemmed Rose for Holly.

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The rose must have spilled seeds.

The seeds of love scattered,

and have grown on,

into a Stone Rose garden.

Like Holly’s poems, it’s lush and inviting.

It’s a beautiful happening!

The roses grow right out of the cement curb.

I wonder what will be here next time I pass by?

Pics taken by Resa – June 20, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

The Half Decent


174 thoughts on “Stone Roses

    1. It is great! I agree with your opinion. Ohh, I would love to draw with charcoal or conte. I’ve tried a few times, but all I ever get is a mess! xx

      1. The good thing about it is that it is quick, so we can give it a second, third or more tries…:) and to keep the messy part on the hands and fingers only, and more than often in my case the clothes, face..etc 😀

    1. Thank you, John!
      I was atwitter when I went to revisit the long stemmed single rose painting, and there was an entire rose garden mural . It’s so poetic!

    1. Ah, well I don’t really know of The Stone Roses. They’re a band?
      I am not made of stone. I am however stoned, from time to time.
      Oh an elephant stone. Looking that up!

    1. As beautiful as you, dear Shey! 💐 🌹
      Don’t tell the dudes I said that. They already give me a hard time! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Roses are a meaningful image.
      Holly’s poems are roses.
      Almost finished a new drawing of RB, art director!
      I’ll send it asap! So cool!

    1. Thanks Dave!
      Seems to me art/novels on walls, or other un-predicted canvases, are prime grist for piqued imaginations.
      Let’s stay in here, in the hub of creativity!

  1. Wouldn’t our world look so much nicer if more walls were painted in beautiful roses instead of the bland whitewashes and masonry paints we get now? Another fine bunch (of photos), thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes Tyeth,
      I am lucky to live in a city that likes its street art!
      You are welcome.
      Hey, Boba Fett was up for a best Sci-Fi nomination. Probably get one.

      1. Hi again, yes I now live an industrial town and there isn’t a lot of art going on though there is a Visual Arts centre in the town centre, just no major street works. And funny you should mention Boba Fett, I met him once and he wanted my lightsaber…

    1. Adore you too!!
      It’s crazy how that wall, that had 1 rose, blossomed into a whole garden! We have the best luck!
      Just mailed AGM Holly with the last 4 bars. It’s so cool! 🌹xo🌹xo🌹xo

                    1. How cute…hammie in a tiny wheel barrow. True, he wouldn’t need a wig. Unless of course he wants one to build a special bed/nest in his wheel barrow…How cute?

                    2. They are not on our pals list.
                      Toronto is known as the raccoon capital of the world. It’s crazy. They carry rabies, and can be insanely aggressive.
                      So… all I have left is mice. Very very adorable! Little ears, paws and a cute nose. Hey, I wonder if Murray would like a friend mouse ?

                    3. I’ve only seen his little chubby cheeks nibbling carrots. I’m so sorry Murray. I was unforgivably presumptuous, keep running your maze and stick with the veggies.

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    1. It’s a great find! I hope I find more Hera’s this summer.
      I like that the same artist had originally done a single long stemmed rose, and now it’s a garden.
      Mushy hugs and love!
      I think the sponges are arriving today! xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, Sorceress! In black and white, it gives them both drama and softness (I know, makes no sense, but what can I say?)
    Some people have so much talent!

    1. I love this mural! You do make sense. I feel the same way!
      The guy is a tattoo artist by trade. He has developed an eye for tone on tone.
      Just thinking… drama, softness monochromatic… sounds a lot like Thunder clouds to me! xo

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    1. Hi Kelley!
      I don’t know if it’s spray. I have rarely seen any street artist not use spray. So, I would say spray. I’ve had a few lessons, and there are a lot of techniques for getting fine lines.
      The artist is a tattoo artist by trade, so I know he has a developed eye for tone on tone. He did great here, whatever technique he used.

    1. It was such a joy to find this!
      There was a single rose there last time I saw it. Now it’s an entire garden of roses. I see them as poems.
      “The rose, a poem of nature.”

    1. Agree!
      So, I’ve done my duty, and nommed.
      Did you check out “The Old Man”?
      Jeff is one of my all time faves. I always hoped to work with him. I did work with Beau.
      Later, on your blog!

  5. Beautiful! We are having very different cultures, Resa! Last week here three youngsters (15 to 17) got a raid and were suid because they had sprayed graffities on an old concrete wall. Okay their pieces were not like done by Picasso, but everyone needs to have the possibility starting a career. Best wishes, Michael

    1. Thank you for the reblog, Michael! I still can’t get onto your blog, unless I find your post in the Reader. I’ll try to do that when I go back to my Art Gowns blog.
      Too bad about the young kids, and their graffiti. Yes, it is a very different street art appreciation here!
      Be well!

  6. What can I say that hasn’t been said in your comments?!
    You’re murals are always eye ctaching and perfectly photographed, Resa.
    Stone Roses for those who are hard hearted … or … not. 😀
    Loved this post … Isadora 😎

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