#NewBook, “Dead of Winter: Journey 14 the conclusion — & Armadillo Files Reminder

Congratulations to Teagan who has finished the 14 Journeys through her “Dead of Winter” serial. You may have already congratulated her, but if not head over to this post on her blog and do so.
Or if you have never been to her blog, go there and check out what it’s all about.
View the 14 sumptuous book covers she has designed for the 14 Journeys!
I’ve had the delight of reading the first three Journeys, 2 of her short books, and have followed several of her free serials. Teagan is an excellent +++ writer!

Teagan's Books

Saturday, June 18, 2022 
The Journeys of “Dead of Winter” have reached the conclusion.  Next weekend The Armadillo Files will return.  So, if you need to refresh your memory before the next bit of zaniness with Fang and Dilly, go to the categories on the right side of the screen.  Click on Armadillo Files.
Since so many author friends are launching books this month, I didn’t give the conclusion to Dead of Winter the attention it deserves.  But you can help me by reblogging my announcement post (not this one you’re reading).
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