The Gen Z Collective

Look who I found on a wall!

It’s Greta Thunberg, the most famous Gen Z person in the world. In the upper left is the word CURAE. It is Latin for “Take Care”.

Gen Z has a lot to say, and my long time friend, Elizabeth Gracen is providing them a platform to say it all.

Elizabeth, founder of Flapper Films and Flapper Press says in her introduction to the project, “I would create a platform so that they could upload their own videos to the project. The films would stream on Instagram and a YouTube Channel for those little screens they are all obsessed with.”

Is there a Gen Z  person in your family, who has something to say? Then check out The website !

You’ll be hearing more about Flapper Press  On both GLAM and Art Gowns in the future. My next Art Gown will be dedicated to Elizabeth, and I am very excited!

Pics taken by Resa – December 30, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

44 thoughts on “The Gen Z Collective

  1. Gen Z is a very interesting generation. They are passionate, collective, generous. I believe that they will take their place on the world stage and make a profound difference. Thank you for the introduction to Flapper Press – a wonderful place to visit. By the way, I think you may know Hans Rosling, who is a remarkable statistician. His work in world health and development has some very positive outcomes based on data. He is on TED and this video clip will give you a basic idea of how he looks at progress through the generations. Unfortunately, he has passed, but his work carries on,

    1. Thanks Rebecca! That was fascinating! He sure presented a positive picture in an entertaining and positive manner.

      I’ve got high hopes for Gen Z. I see them as you do, passionate, collective, generous.

  2. Great piece of street art once again! Man, I admire Greta. Honestly, she is an incredible human.
    Am definitely gonna check out your friend´s platform, looks very interesting. I feel that in my generation, the Millenials, it´s very mixed regarding attitudes towards individual responsibility for the environment. I have friends who go all out, from demonstrating, being vegan, washing clothes with chestnuts, using menstrual cups, not flying anymore, not buying anything new etc to friends who seem pretty oblivious. I have always believed that it´s our duty to act in the most responsible way we can and know how to towards our environment…and our duty to get informed on how to do this… Obviously, there´s always more one can do/ improve, but I find that everyone can do their part… and starting somewhere is possible for anyone…it´s just not appropriate to just consider one´s own interests… Love what Gen Z is initiating. Thanks for sharing Resa! xx

    1. Gypsy!
      Best thing I ever did was become a vegetarian. I was vegan, but my bones were disappearing, so I incorporated a very few dairy products into my diet. (Mozzarella on pizza, cheddar in grilled cheese…that’s it). My bones are now stable.
      I make sure my cheese comes from small farms where the animals are well kept, and in open fields. It’s a conglomerate of small farms. They have have a map of where the farms are located, so folks can actually go look for themselves.
      I gave up my car.
      Sorry, but washing clothes with chestnuts makes me giggle!
      Anyway, yes, we can all do a bit.
      Gen Z is definitely a step in the right direction.

      1. Resa, I love that! How awesome that you are a vegetarian, yay you!! I totally feel you on the challenges that going vegan can bring along. I have been mostly vegetarian for 9 years now, mostly vegan for 2 or 3 – but I do struggle with anemia so I do eat a bit of fish nowadays (and lots of spirulina) . But other than that, I have a 95% vegan diet… and most of my food comes from organic farmers nearby. Love that you get your cheese from small farms as well!! Where they look after their animals! So happy to hear that, that’s the way to go!! And amazing with your car as well, good on you.

        I am looking into ways to travel more mindfully and environmental-friendly in the future- much less flying, and if so, definitely wanna offset emissions, f.ex. through Haha yes, my chestnut-washing friend is pretty extreme 🙂 You gotta still live of course…but yeah it´s good to do what´s possible without going completely nuts about it maybe (pun intended :P). xx

  3. Wonderful artwork and may all of our awareness be generated into creating greater respect for both our planet, our animal and insect kingdom as well as respecting others and ourselves..

    As a Grandmother, who sees from her granddaughters eyes, our generation has done far too little too late..
    Unfortunately it will be this beautiful next Generation who is going to have to weave our broken world back together again…

    Many thanks for sharing Resa.. I look forward to your next art gown dedication..

    Much love.. and a very Happy 2020 in all you do.. ❤
    Sue 💛🌈💛

    1. Hello Sue!
      The best of 2020 to you! ❤
      It's interesting that Gen Z has such a large social consciousness at such a young age.
      My mind didn't begin to think like that until young adulthood.
      Also, the planet was in a lot better shape back then.

      May they weave well! ❦❦❦

  4. I’m not particularly a Greta fan, but at least she gets the conversation going about the state of the world. As I am all about the environment I won’t be buying a copy of her new book, I want to do my bi to save the trees.

    1. She certainly has got the conversation going.
      I’ve got a bit of a book pile going here. I’m trying my hardest to wade though Dostoevsky’s short novel “Notes from Underground”. Insect…. mouse…. confrontational vs sneaky…. Like I said, wading.

    1. I went into an alley, and there she was! It was perfect, as my friend’s daughter is now 13, and a very involved Gen Z er.
      I’m warm in my clothes and BIG housecoat! However, it has remained relentlessly dark here!

        1. Me too! No sun today. Let me have a quick peek at the forecast….. No sun until Friday, and then it will be -12C.
          Arrrggghh! Okay, still it might go up to 1 degree above freezing on Wed. I’ll etch that in as a possible day for a street art walk.

            1. I’m onto the vitamin C, & I do the Vitamin D spray on the tongue & Vitamin B strips.
              Holly, I make a citrus cocktail every morning.. Lemons, lime, orange … whatever, I eat homemade Tomato sauce 4x a week, and tomatoes are a big part of my diet.
              😧… but I have no bunny 🐇slippers.
              I have some old sock slippers. 🙃Where’s a sock emoji when I need one?

              1. Of course it is fake bunny fur. But you could were thick woolen socks that go to the knee.
                The emo;s always let us down. No fake bunny slippers either. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself , the hospitial is full of flu victims these days. Love ya!

  5. That’s beautiful! Greta Thunberg is such an inspiration – thanks for posting this wonderful image. On a side note, please do check out my blogs on – I would love to hear your feedback!

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