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    1. Okay, Mike! I had to look up “Brobdingnagian”. I can’t say the word, as I never heard it before. However, yes, there will be nightmares about that head. The nightmares will be Brobdingnagian. I know. I’ve had some. The artist is a much loved artist in Toronto. I’m sure he gets the reactions he wants.
      (not arrived yet.. will keep you posted!)

      1. When art transcends expectation then all credit to the painter. Your collection here has that effect. A certain darkness makes its appearance to those who care to take a ‘proper’ look. Your Toronto artist plainly has ‘the gift’.

    1. The paintings are wonderful.
      The crazy thing is that the subway was so very busy, that I had to wait for gaps in the human traffic. Many people didn’t even see the art. Some saw me, wondered what I was taking pics of and when they looked and saw art, they were completely surprised.

  1. Third time around for this post, Resa. What resonated with me was they way in which the artist granted personalities to each one of the occupants. They are real people that are living stories where hopes and dreams come together. A marvelous post, so much emotional content in this mural.

  2. You’ve been out in the cold again. I love this so much, it’s spectacular! I don’t know why WP is trying to keep us apart! I have to come looking for you. Are you hiding?
    xoxoxo, fabulous capture Resa .

      1. I just went bananaz when I saw that, is there anything you are not absolutely amazing at. Get busy with those taxes, can’t have you hauled off to Tax evader prison. sending love and thanks for Boogapony. Lets get right in the van when it warms up and head up route 66, make it out to Haight and live in a tent with lots of Flowers and Gi of course.

        1. Oooo, that sounds fab! I’ve always wanted to travel Route 66!
          Now, you know RR has exchanged our old VW van for a Mercedes bus?
          There’s a big ass dressing room in the back, and we are allowed to use it.
          RR did have some thoughts about joining us, but I told her to stick to gowns and torch songs.
          I mean, how does one Go-Go in a gown?
          Anyway, we have to share the bus.

                1. Right!
                  Then while we are still freezing, but she’s not because someone made her a special “insulated set cape”, the paparazzi would want a few shots. Of course we would be shoved out of the way, while she posed darlingly.
                  NO, she’s not in the Boogapony Dancers.
                  What a greedy little song bird!

                    1. Agree!
                      SPOTLIGHTS! Brilliant idea. They’ll help keep us warm, and we can use them for night performances in the summer.
                      I’m sure RR stocks them in the bus. We’ll just ….. borrow them.

                    2. Agree!!! She can afford to replace stuff, anyway! We haven’t hit the big times, yet. We’re kind of like the poor relatives.
                      OH! I’ve been working on a second new Boogapony outfit, that will be the poster for our upcoming spring tour! I’ve done graffiti behind Boogapony Holly. I need to work on it at least 1 more time… using acrylics, and they need drying time.

                    3. Me too! I’ll end you the art, before I make it into a poster.
                      I’ve been chipping away at the final PBH post. Dan weighed in, and I’ve moved over to a post draft. (You can read what he wrote on the secret page)
                      I’ll be ready to post on Wednesday night. SO.. send me a torch song to toss in! I’m very excited!
                      Pass the gum!

                    4. Juicy Fruit? help yourself. My eyes are big as saucers and I am chomping away. I will take a look at the secret page. I have sent some “songs”… input please. Good luck with everything! Dan’s a gem.

                    5. OMG! That Melody Gardot is giving me shivers!! Love the bubblebath video… so in keeping with the underwater theme!
                      Okay back to taxes.. okay … I’m cheating.. I’m on Edith Piaf now. These women are making me shiver. I know the Peggy Lee Fever version.
                      We should use all of these, eventually.
                      I’ll use the Bubble Bath Gardot song in this post.
                      We need to do an RR goes to Paris post, maybe with the Art Gowns Models for a Fashion Shoot and then RR can do some songs at the Moulin Rouge, or Crazy Horse or Lido! Then we’ll use the French songs.
                      They’ll go nuts for her there!
                      There’s a spicy hot wings and b’b’que chain using Fever in their ads right now! What a stupid thing. There ought to be a law! … I mean a Vodka ad or a Lingerie ad, but spicy wings?
                      Anyway, the ad campaign won’t last forever, then we’ll use Fever!!! xxoo

                    6. I agree about Gardot . She is sizzling. Édith is a legend and this song too. How outrageous, what were they thinking , Fever and hot wings ? Chanel maybe, silk lingerie yes. Not food!! xxoo

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