A Mouse, a Snake & two Cherries

How cute is this mouse I found in an alley?

The snake is quite adorable, as well!

I found this on the side of a garage in an alley all painted by female artists.


This is the second alley I’ve found that is painted by women.

Anyway, I was so charmed by this enchanting mural that I just had to post it first.

Pics taken by – Resa – December 13, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

55 thoughts on “A Mouse, a Snake & two Cherries

    1. I adore it! There are other pieces that are more interesting, more je ne sais quoi, but this one brought out a sweet light in my soul. I agree about the colours and layout!
      It’s a gorgeous alley.

    1. I have only ever seen snakes in captivity. I’m sure if I ever saw one in the wild, I’d not take it well. I might actually faint. However, our snake here is like out of a children’s story book!
      Have a fab Sunday … and have a great holiday season!

  1. Timothy Price

    Both the snake and mouse are adorable. Great colors. Speaking of snakes, I’ve had various snakes all of my life and have studied snakes as an interest. I came across one of those Internet challenges to try and identify 50 venomous snakes from around the world. The challenge said they would be surprised if I could identify 4 out of the 50. I couldn’t turn down a challenge like that. I got 46 out 50 correct, and the 4 I missed was because the photos didn’t show the markings that one normally uses to identify those 4 snakes.

    1. Wow! Timothy S. Price strikes! S. for Snake, code name. Well done! I feel like they cheated you out the 4 you didn’t get!
      I’m terrible at identifying animals, other than the 6 most obvious: cat (includes lions & tigers), dog (includes wolf), elephant, zebra, hippo and rhino!

      1. Timothy Price

        Speaking of S, when I was a kid I was tall and skinny, so I was called Stick Price. The other kids would say “Here comes Stick Price with his snake!”

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    1. I know, snakes are …..eww! Hey! Wait a minute! Snakes eat mice, don’t they? Thank goodness for fantasies like this mural! ❤
      Excited for you to see more of the women's art!

    1. I just realized snakes eat mice! Well, it’s a fantasy garage. I think the artist would be great at illustrating children’s books. Are there still children’s books? OR, do kids just get IPads, now?

    1. Okay Ralph! LOL! That is quite the link you sent. It seems, after much reading of the page, that mxn are the snakes. 🤣😜😆🙃Love back to all in Graz! ❤ xoxo

    1. The entire alley brings a smile! The women artists did an amazing job out there! I can hardly wait to post more. Don’t change your Gravatar!!! It’s perfect!

  3. Definitely adorable!
    When I read the title of this post, I can’t help but think it’s the beginning of a joke: There’s a snake, a mouse and two cherries…

    1. A snake, a mouse and 2 cherries walk into a bar. The snake orders a Snakebite, with a cherry. The mouse orders a Manhattan Cocktail, with a cherry, of course. The waitress informs them that she thinks they are out of cherries, but she’ll see what she can do.
      The snake and the mouse look to the 2 cherries. Huh, the cherries have completely vanished, and in their chairs sit an owl and a pussycat !

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