The Language of Flowers, a Peacock Eye & Scatter of Skulls

OMG! This just appeared 4 blocks up the street from me.

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

From left to right, is a fence to garage doors.

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon
Artists: Dudeman & Bacon
Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

After the fence is an indent, which houses the garage doors.

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon
Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

I’m sure Dudeman has painted the skulls and daisy-like flowers, and Bacon has painted the rose, peony and peacock feather. However, Dudeman may have painted this diaphanous beauty.

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

The sidewall of the indent

The garage doors

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

The red rose is a killer!

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon
Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

Pics taken by Resa – July 10, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

The inspiration for most of the title for this post is a very wee book I own. It was hand- written by a man to his wife in 1913. Visit The Language Of Flowers by clicking on this sentence, or on the cover of the book.

The page is dedicated to Paul Militaru If you have ever visited his photo blog, you know why.

Thank you to Dudeman & Bacon!

Artists: Dudeman & Bacon

32 thoughts on “The Language of Flowers, a Peacock Eye & Scatter of Skulls

    1. Ralph, this piece is a true beauty! I feel so lucky to have found it within 2 days of it being painted.
      How do I know 2 days? Besides that I walk past this every other day, ask the cats. The cats know. The cats always know. They are annoyingly correct. Not weather, nor sun, nor rain nor taggers have found this beauty before I did! I did not see any cats near this art. However, I felt their presence, and know they are onto us! xoxoxo Love to Natascha, before the cats find out!

      1. Wow, you were lucky to find it a couple of days after being painted. It’s wonderful. I agree, the cats know everything. I know Sonic does, but he doesn’t tell anyone.. He knew about these doors, but kept it to himself. Love back xoxoxo ❤

  1. This is jaw droppingly beautiful. What amazing artists. I can understand the dedication to Paul. His blog is a masterpiece of beautiful flowers and amazing architecture and nature. Thank you for this amazing find and for sharing it. It’s so gorgeous! 🌺♥️😊

    1. Holly!
      It’s so amazing that this is around the corner, and a few blocks across. My hood’s drenched in art, and I love it! Did you see the book’s pages, the language? 😀 ❤ ❤

    1. Yes, it’s been sickeningly HOT & HUMID! It never used to be like this. We used to have pleasant summers, with the odd heat wave. Now, all summer is a heat wave, with a few pleasant days here and there. 😀
      Yes, these flowers don’t need water. It was such a joy to find them! 😀 Hope you are having wonderful summer days! xx

      1. Hi Resa. Sorry to hear about your weather. I wonder how winter and next summer is going to be. Not that it fills my day but…
        Best wishes for you and happiness as well xx

  2. Carolee Croft

    Beautiful flowers and cute little skulls, what a great combo 🙂 It’s such a great feeling, discovering unexpected art. I found a little dragon here the other day. It was so cool! I didn’t expect there to be much street art here in Swindon since it’s a small town, but you never know, I might post something on it.

    1. Yeah, do a Swindon post. Use the little dragon pic, and do a short story post…The Little Dragon of Swindon… or something like that! I’d love it! xoxo

      1. Carolee Croft

        Lol that’s a great idea, Resa! I took a pic of it, but my phone completely died with all recent photos in it. Must do a reshoot and think of a story…

  3. So beautiful…. ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟 the rose 🥀🌹… wow 😮…. love those details… looks like a real rose … excellent, dear Re. Much love across the miles 😘

    1. 🌹 The rose is fab, I⭐️ “le gasped” ⭐️when I first saw it! Think I’ll tip some wine to that! 🍷🍷Sending love on the wings of a dove! ❤

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