My Chickadee & the Underpass

Okay, we’re back to finish viewing the underpass that was started before the end of October celebrations.

A fab Blue Jay was turning the corner. It is followed by this adorable Chickadee & gorgeous Day Lily.

The Chickadee heralds the way into the dark underpass.

The underpass is filled with 4 fab pieces of Graffiti Writing.

First is a black and blue/greens piece.

This blows up amazing!

Then a multi-colour, soft feeling piece.

I love the sectional close-ups of writing.

There is a short, sharp pink and white piece.

Then a biggie in pink, orange and blue take us to the end of the underpass.

Blows up nicely

Around the corner is my first presentation of “Robin, Flowers and a Maple Leaf”. You can see a titch of the maple leaf at the far end.

Pics taken by Resa – October 15, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists: Nothing is signed except for

Will update when possible


24 thoughts on “My Chickadee & the Underpass

    1. You’re welcome, Holly! I wish the underpass went on forever! Hmm…. there’s a scary story in there, somewhere. You can go into the underpass of art, but you can never come out! 😀

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    1. Yeah… long. Still I wanted to show all of the art in the darkness of the underpass at once. It needed the Chickadee to start it off on a sweet note.

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