Free as a Bird

From the most recent alley with all the new art I found,

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

I now believe all of the 16 pieces were painted by women.

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

I’m still working on confirming that.

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

In the meantime, here’s a beauty on a garage door!

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao
Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

Pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

Artist: Caitlin Taguibao
Artist: Caitlin Taguibao
Artist: Caitlin Taguibao

16 thoughts on “Free as a Bird

  1. How uplifting this alley is becoming in my mind… I’m sure it brightens many a heart, Resa. 🙂
    I took a look at her (Caitlin Taguibao) Instagram page; what a sweetheart she looks. It seems she is also into gardening!

  2. The bird is like: “Welcome to my garden, humble subjects” – I find him/her most agreeable. As always, there’s that hint of psychedelia there.

    I can see small chunk of graffiti from my new flat. It’s on a railway line, but I’ll climb up there and try and get a picture.

    1. Oh, Goody!
      Be careful! Don’t do any of the fool hardy things that I have done, ie: climbing under and over live electrical wires, climb up fire escapes then cross several roofs, go to an open house to take pics from a second story balcony of a piece across the alley and 3 stories up.
      I won’t have you getting run over by a train!!!
      Maybe you should just use a zoom? I’m getting worried now! Graf by train tracks can be very appealing, but very dangerous!
      Is there not some quiet painted alleys you can amble through?
      What about a mural in the public square? I’m stressing!

      1. Cripes, there’s a book in that. “The Graffiti Artist” who breaks into peoples’ houses, does some graffiti, and then legs it. The film adaptation would star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sting. T’would be marvellous.

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