Argentina – Independence Day

On July 9, 2017, Argentina has 201 years to its independence history.

Artist: Cesar Alonso Rodriguez

I felt Argentina when I saw this mini-mural, so I sent a pic off to Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles, after all, she lives in Argentina.

Artist: Cesar Alonso Rodriguez

She replied, “YES that graffiti certainly seems to depict Argentina…. Tango… Perhaps milongas ( a tango style).”

Artist: Cesar Alonso Rodriguez

It’s like I can hear and feel the music all the way up here in Canada!

Artist: Cesar Alonso Rodriguez

Pics taken by Resa – May 28, 2017 – Toronto, Canada

⭐ BONUS ⭐ Aquileana sent us some street art from The Boca Juniors Stadium!

Above photo & Slideshow photos  © Amalia Pedemonte

“I added several murals surrounding the stadium …
And two pics from the streets nearby it”

“Boca Juniors is one of the two most popular football clubs in Argentina…. Alongside River Plate…. they hate each other… I am a Boca Juniors´fan :D”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“The iconography of these murals is very ARGENTINE.”


Aquileana sent pics from Caminito!

Photo © Amalia Pedemonte
Photo © Amalia Pedemonte

“In (some of) Caminito´s murals you can see a typical family and a technique to write words called FILETEADO.”

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“You can Google: Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina to see the location, etc…”

I certainly did, and it looks very interesting, not just the location, but the shops and the views!

Artist of power box Tango Mural: Cesar Alonso Rodriguez

Argentina’s flag

Photo © Amalia Pedemonte
Photo © Amalia Pedemonte

Argentina’s flower – Ceibo

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Argentina’s National Animal – Cougar or Puma- I thought this looked like one, although the smile is a bit sweet. It is from my collection.

Argentina’s National bird: Rufous Hornero

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

⭐ THANK YOU ! ⭐ Aquileana

Your contributions are fabulous! I have learned more about Argentina in doing this one post, than in my entire life. (except for about Eva Peron)

Photo of Boca Juniors Stadium © Amalia Pedemonte




58 thoughts on “Argentina – Independence Day

  1. Another great post dear Resa. I love to see the bird about to go to sleep on one leg. I do hope that you are well and happy my friend. Love and hugs Ralph xoxoxo ❤

      1. Hello dear Resa 🙂
        Yay,, that’s good ! Indeed, a very good and a very different week ! Natascha is on her way, should be here before noon tomorrow. I am so happy !
        I am so looking forward to seeing the new gown. I am sure it will be another Resa masterpiece. Fantastic !
        Love and hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

  2. Love the art you found about Argentina. Oh do they love tango … and their tango is different than American tango …. (there are other styles as well). Argentine done well is hot, hot, hot! Here’s one for you …

    Extra love to the images from Aqualeana that you incorporated here. Simply awesome as they fit the tone that you established.

    1. Great video…. Tango has variations, though…. It is not just the vertical expression of a horizonatl desire … (I´ve heard that quote a few times. I think it is from Oscar Wilde!) It could be more “cold” as well… It depends on the approach 😉

  3. THAT was wonderful. I agree, the people felt as if they were dancing and the music was live and fabulous. The extra bonus photographs just added to the post. Just wonderful.

  4. Love the Argentine Tango, Resa; the music, the feel; it’s just great!
    Interesting that the Cougar/Puma is the National Animal; and the bird is so sweet, as is the beautiful flower. What a lot of interesting material you’ve managed to bring together; three cheers for you and Aquileana!

    1. Carolyn!
      It was a very fun and informative post to work on! Aquileana was actually running around Caminito looking for pics in the afternoon, emailed them to me and I posted in the evening. Now that’s teamwork! xxoxoo

  5. Thanks so much for such a brilliant tribute… I am so grateful that you featured all these graffitis (even those ones I sent you yesterday, from my saturday outing to Caminito)—- Great that you included some explanations as well…
    I just love this post…. ❤ And it means a lot to me that you did this, dear friend
    On a side note: Horneros can be seen almost everyday over here, by the way. They build their nests with mud, by the way, and do so in a quite perfect way. 🙂
    I am adding one of the images here as a widget on my blog (right side bar) linking to this post. Your are the best!. Much love & best wishes, always!, dear Resa 😀

    1. Happy July 9, Aquileana! ⭐
      It was a lot of fun doing up this post. Considering I had only recently found the Tango mini-mural, I thought it would be a very small tribute. However, with you running around Buenos Aires, on the very day I wanted to post this, then sending me some very cool last minute additions, it came out great! You worked just as hard as I did on this tribute! ❤
      As you sent in guest graf, I have categorized it under guests. The second image on my sidebar links to posts with guest graf. So this is now in there. I have to run around for a bit, but later I will change my Guest Graf pic to one of the new pics you sent in.
      Of course your blog is forever linked on my side bar, as well.
      Much love to you, have a great Day in Buenos Aires!!! 😀
      ⭐ ❤ ⭐

      1. It was such a great pleasure… As to Caminito I wanted to tell you that there was an exposition by a french artist. Yves Klein, at the Proa Fundation, just in Caminito… With a final runway as a tribute (which happened to came just as we were getting closer to July 9th, most of his creations are blue, and yellow, so It looked like the argentine flag (two stripes & the sun in the center…. beige instead of white though !)…. I recorded this little video: Klein´s work is awesome, in case you don´t know him. Here´s a link! Love this post!!!. I added a widget on my blog, as a featured post.
        Much love, dear Resa… Thank you for everything! 😀

  6. The clasped hands and the tango-glance are one way I think of Argentina. I have a painting of the Pampas, and I picture the Gauchos, sweaty and covered in dust. Aquileana and you have provided a gorgeous look at the art. Thanks.

    1. The tango-glance, yes, it’s very appealing, and totally Argentina. I’d love to go there, but its a 12 hour direct flight from here. I hate being cooped up in a plane.
      Your Pampas painting sounds lovely. Have you ever done a poem on your blog with the painting?
      This was a fun post to do, and I am so glad you got to see it!
      Have a fab week, Brenda!

  7. That’s definitely a mural with Latin American flair, like the great authors of that part of the world, something that would seem ordinary is transformed by that atmosphere and talent they have for making everything seem more dramatic.

  8. Now I want to tango with you ladies 🙂 I love all of it, from the bold colors to the ways the people are depicted. And great to see the mix of artwork from Argentina (Aqui) and Canada (Resa). We’re celebrating Argentina’s Independence Day in grand style! ❤

    1. Put on your dancing shoes, Christy! I know you own a pair. 😀
      This was a fun post to do. It was last minute, and Aqui ran around Caminto taking pics on the day of the night I posted. Whew!
      A great celebration! ❤

  9. OMG, Resa, these artists are unbelievable! Phenomenal post and one that I SOOOO enjoyed! Thank you so much for putting together such a complex post. LOVED it!!! 🌹

    1. Hey, beautiful Amy Rose! This was a lot of fun to work on. Aquileana was running around Buenos Aires taking pics for me while I was researching and formulating the post.
      I adore your blog, and am so very happy I can reciprocate, even a little! Have the best week! ❤

      1. Oh, Resa, how I would LOVE to travel and to be doing what you are. Cherish what you are doing in your life. My responsibilities do not make it possible to follow the travel path …. yet. I SO enjoy your blog as well!! Thank YOU! 💝👏🏼💖

  10. Carolee Croft

    Thanks for the virtual trip to Argentina! Brazil too seems to have its own motifs and styles that come up again and again in various parts of Sao Paulo. I hope to send you something soon… Still trying to get my act together 🙂

    1. I love Brazil!!!! I was in Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana and Buzios last summer) I had a blast. You are right, they have great street art, among other things… Such as beaches! 🇧🇷☀️🌊 Thank you for dropping in, dear Carolee

      1. Carolee Croft

        Hi Aquileana, Can you believe I haven’t been to the beach yet? But I fully intend to, especially since you give it such a rave review. I’m in Sao Paulo so it’s a bit far away but will hopefully organize a trip to Rio soon 🙂

        1. Hope you enjoy it… Once in Rio de Janeiro, If you have the chance, try to go to Buzios, you won´t regret it…. (It is 150 kms away from RJ…. & by the way, in Buzios keep in mind Arraial Do Cabo: The best beaches in Brazil!)… Good luck & have fun! xxoo

    1. Thank you, Eddie! This was a fun and meaningful post to work on. It’s a wonderful feeling to team up with someone I’ve come to appreciate in blog land.
      Perhaps you would be interested, sometimes? I could send you some of my street art singles that might suit some of your words. You could post, then I would reblog. Just a thought! Your blog is super!

        1. Okay I’ll look through my collection. I have hundreds of pics, and it’s summer so there’s new stuff every day. It could be a couple of weeks.
          I’ll send them to your email attached to your blogs account. I’ll let you know in a comment on your blog when I’ve done that, just in case it goes into your junk folder. OBOY!

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  12. As a former dancer, I adore any type of dance. The tango is no exceptional. To me, it’s the dance of love. The paintings are exceptional. I could feel the drama of the dance in them. I learned a great deal from your post.
    Isadora 😎

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