Green Eye & Blue Eye Cat

This is one fierce kitty-kat!

So, as I’m capturing this, a same colored cat woman walks by. Perfect!

Now reading: Charles Bukowski on Cats

There’s a window in the cat’s mouth. It’s street art, working with what works.

Pics taken by Resa – January 2, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Unknown at this time

Blows up real nice!

30 thoughts on “Green Eye & Blue Eye Cat

    1. I agree! I laugh when I see how ferocious it is. I see my own cats being just as fierce, with a wine cork! 😀 The spongey yellow ball gets beaten up a lot, too! 😀

  1. Oh it’s massive! Great that you captured the whole image on the building 🙂 So cool that the artist found a way to work the window into the creation too!

    1. I turned a corner, and suddenly there was a giant cat! I love the way street art has to work with the city environment. 😀 Parking signs, added after the fact can be a bit annoying. For some reason the sign hangers seem to put it on an important detail. LOL!

  2. How did I EVER miss that? It just moved into my favorite spot. I LOVE IT. The cat is adorable and the window is perfect. LOL The person in the room is looking out from inside the cat:) Thank you for bring this to my attention? It’s wonderful. ❤

    1. I always think of you when I post a cat, or find a cat! I love cats, too, so it’s very hard to keep them in my pile of un-posted street art! They usually get posted right away.

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