A Cat & Dogs

The cat seems nervous, but holds its own in a world of dogs.

Above and below blow up nicely!

I’m a cat person, and I adore dogs.


Pics taken by Resa – April 9. 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

26 thoughts on “A Cat & Dogs

  1. What a wonderful mural ! I agree with Cindy. That cat is really bossing those dogs around. Cats Rule, Okay !
    Have a lovely weekend dear Resa. Love and hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Cats can be very bossy! As a matter of fact, I bought a paper shredder, and with the first piece of paper that went into it, the cats revolted. They made me unplug the shredder, and move it into the hallway.
      They have ridden rough shod over me since. I wonder what I can do for them today? ❤
      Hugs, and have a lovely Sunday. xoxoxo

      1. Oh no ! Do you have a shred of evidence to back up such a claim ? Or did the paper shredder shred the evidence shredding your reply into 1000 pieces ? Anyway, I completely understand your position ie. under the thumb of your cats. Let’s weep together ! 😉
        Thank you dear Resa and I do hope that your Sunday is not a rough shod day for you my friend. xoxoxoz ❤

        J&J ! LEAVE MOM ALONE !

  2. Yes, Resa; he’s a little edgy! That is one pussy-cat who’s seen life in its raw state. 😉
    I agree with Cindy and Ralph; the artist has placed him in a very powerful position! Go pussy-cats…! 🙂

    1. Very true… that the artist positioned the animals where they wanted to. 😀 Personal creative choices can be very freeing! It’s like animals, communicating without words. 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Amy,
      I passed by this mural many times. I was always on the streetcar, and I was never doing anything near there. I decided I would go to the U of T grounds, shoot a mural there, then walk to this mural (about 4 miles) On the way to the mural, I passed a cat cafe. It was a heart warming sight to behold. These otherwise rejected cats get vet care, and live in a lovely cat environment. They have a cat person in with them all the time, as the public is allowed into the environment. Cats can be adopted.
      xooox ❤

    1. So glad you like the painting. I adore it, and am grateful that artists have found an extended gallery for their work. Some have gone on to do gallery shows. Have a gorgeous Sunday!!

  3. Really lovely mural, Resa. The details and shading and realness of this painting are incredible. I appreciate how you give close-ups and an overview in your photos. It looks like the building is curved, which I can imagine added a challenge for Cave, the talented artist.

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