Another World

On a side wall of the The Science & Technology Museum,

F'ry #1

There is this most alluring piece.

F'ri #8

Does anyone know what kind of otherworldly folk these are?

F'ry #2

F'ry #7

F'ry #3

F'ry #6

F'ry #5

Pics taken by Resa, July 7, 2016

The Canada Science and Technology Museum (Exterior Wall)

1867 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Canada

The artist is unknown to me. This bit is on the corner beside these enchanting folk. Maybe it is where they live?

F'ry #4

22 thoughts on “Another World

    1. Thank you, Laurent! That was very nice to watch and listen to. You might notice that after I watch the video, I just put the link in your comment box. This helps prevent the browser from crashing on my old computer. LOL! I really must buy a new one soon!

    1. Are they fairies or what? Anyway, I agree it is fantastic work. TY, my dear LDN for the compliment on my photos, 🙂 (My ceramic Black Drake might get a girlfriend soon!)

        1. You are a wise LDN! I think you are wise enough to be a grandparent… but first a beautiful girlfriend. (I believe Belén is working on it!) xoxoxo

    1. ⭐ Congratulations on your new book Charlie! 🙂 I’ve been over to see your latest post & of course I have bought a copy! 🙂 I love that you and your girlfriend have taken matters into your own hands, and are doing it your way! Again, Congratulations! ⭐

  1. Wow, impressive! I like the way she is taking off her mask, and there is that hole you can see through. And more holes just above their knees. And these arms! Whoever are the creatures, I like them a lot.

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