Dudeman Truck

Luv my luck! I found Dudeman’s truck in an alley?.

Artist: Dudeman
Artist: Dudeman

It’s signed. Must be his!

Artist: Dudeman
Artist: Dudeman
Artist: Dudeman
Artist: Dudeman

I’ve done a few posts w/his work. Here is one. Dudeman Art

Artist: Dudeman
Artist: Dudeman


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After taking the shots, I texted Sherrie a pic. Pardon the pun, but this is right up her alley, in more ways than one. I shot this by accident.

Dude #9

Pics taken by Resa, November 8 – 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Dudeman

Dude #8

17 thoughts on “Dudeman Truck

  1. Dudeman has a fun truck — great that you captured it, Resa. BTW, today I posted a San Francisco street mural, and at the end of the post I included your site — I hope it sends a few folks to your wonderful blog. 😀

    1. Okay then, naming that stretch of alley, Sherrie Alley. Lane is too, lame. If it was called Sherrie Lane… next thing you know people would be going there to kiss! 😉

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