Let’s Paint the Wilds!

I cross Bloor St. to the south side of the underpass at Dundas W.

Artist: Random
Artist: Random

Here is where I find the stone with the names of the artists.


The first piece leads us into the underpass.

Random #2
Artist: Random

It is a long, languishing piece by “Random”

Artist: Random
Artist: Random
Artist: Random
Random #4
Artist: Random

I’m looking forward to showing the rest of the south side. It is quite different from the north!


I’m also excited about Guest Submissions that I will post as recesses.

Artist’s  Signature


Pics taken by Resa, June 21 , 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Random
Artist: Random
1DU #7
I counted 43 names here!

19 thoughts on “Let’s Paint the Wilds!

    1. I do get to find neat work. I’m lucky to live in a city that likes to be painted. I also like that artists who don’t live here, come to Toronto to paint.

        1. It started out more gang related here. Then we, the public, began to care. We offered our garage doors & walls to the odd artist who stood out. The art got better & more artists got involved.
          The taggers seem to have respect for the street art.
          We started a public funded program to help with paint for artists. Artists & communities began putting group projects up.
          There is still tagging, but things are way more in control… & many young taggers turn into artists.
          Maybe opportunity is what is lacking for a lot of young urbanites!

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