My Latest Read: Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

Thank you, Christy, for making this one of the most exciting days of my life!

Poetic Parfait

Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy I have the book Nine Black Lives on my tablet! Photo by Christy Birmingham.

There is murder. There is a mystery.

Okay, let me explain. The book is Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy. Many of you know Resa for her  blog that features beautiful graffiti and murals, as well as for her costume design work. YES, she’s also a writer. SURPRISED much? I know I was. And then, once I read her debut novel, I was impressed by her writing quality too. She’s got so many talents I’m in awe xo

In Nine Black Lives, the main character is Nicky, a famous actor who is tired of the usual Hollywood fluff scripts. He is searching for something deeper that stretches his talent more. He lives in New York and has a beautiful girlfriend, as well as a chef and a personal assistant. He has played many detectives…

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16 thoughts on “My Latest Read: Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

    1. Great literary accomplishment ….. thank you!
      I’ll probably love you forever!
      Seems the universe has given me something, as it has taken away.

  1. Hello Resa, just dropping by to say hello and that I downloaded the book 3 days ago. I just want to finish reading the one I´m currently reading and then immerse in your book. And since Christy has a very good eye for writers, I´m quite certain I´ll enjoy it very much.

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