Kwest Beauty!

By Toronto artist: Kwest


My breath caught when I found this in the first alley north of Queen W.W. just east of Brock. .


I love the colours!


Another world.



It looks like a big “A”


This Graffiti Mural deserves an “A”!


Wish I knew who the Artist is.


Pics taken by Resa, on June 03, 2013

Toronto, Canada

9 thoughts on “Kwest Beauty!

  1. That is a fabulous one! The style is unlike what I’ve seen so far – very complex and beautiful. I wonder if it actually says something. Probably does, but I can’t read it.

    1. I can’t read it, either! “lol” I’m sure I see that “A” & a T on the side.
      I really enjoyed taking pics of this one. It has breathtaking dynamics. 🙂

  2. vkalinkaneo

    Un mur qui nous fait entrer en littérature d’Héroïc-Fantasy.
    J’aime la complexité du graphisme et les tons des coloris sont parmi mes préférés.

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