Ste J Reviews – All the World’s a Stage

Ste J from Book to the Future has found Batman…

SteMovies #1c_2
Photo © Steve Johnson

…on a mural in Nottingham. Ste J writes this about the mural he found.

“Whilst criss crossing the Hockley area of Nottingham.  I came across this befitting mural on the side of the Nottingham Art Theatre”

SteMovies #2
Photo © Steve Johnson

“If all the world’s a stage, then it follows that all the world should be thought of as a canvas backdrop onto which to put many scenes, that we the actors can take our cue from.”

SteMovies #2_2
Photo © Steve Johnson

“After all what is a stage but the interpretation of space and the forms thereon.  Imagination is as much a process of life as art.”

SteMovies #42
Photo © Steve Johnson
SteMovies #4_2
Photo © Steve Johnson
SteMovies #5
Photo © Steve Johnson

“I like the idea of Batman watching me for entertainment, I can’t smash up building with reckless abandon to bring bad guys to justice but I can avoid oncoming traffic and check my shoelaces are tied.”

SteMovies #1b_2
Photo © Steve Johnson

 Pics taken by Steve Johnson  –  February – 2016

Nottingham, England, UK

⭐ THANK YOU Ste J ! ⭐

SteMovies #3
Photo © Steve Johnson

☆ Sherrie’s Birthday Party ☆

⭐ With Special Guest & great pal .. BATMAN! ⭐

BDaySher #21
Artist: Tokyo

Featuring:  Me, your MC for the evening, a cool blue cat by Uber 5000

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

⭐ Sherrie! ⭐ How do you like your birthday cone? ⭐

BDaySher #1
Artists: DOH Crew

There’s no cake in the alley, only cones.

DOH Crew is providing the sweets & the location..

BDSher #3

I’m bringing the music, tacos, pizza & and liquid refreshments!

BDaySher #12

BDaySher #6

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000

BDaySher #8

,,And it’s all happening in this ultra festive DOH Crew alley!

Artists: Dohcrew
Artists: Dohcrew

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Happy Birthday Sherrie! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

BDaySher #9

OMG! The 3-story Lovebot has shown up late. Resa had invited it, but it wasn’t sure it could make it.

BDaySher #20

Wow what a party!

BDaySher #22

❤ Love Auntie Resa ❤

Pics taken by Resa, September & October, 2015

Toronto, Canada

BDaySher #10

Practice safe nail health

BDaySher #5

★ Security provided by “Cute Puppy” ★