Hardcore Beauty: Crews Take5

In a Kensington Market Alley there’s this gorgeous piece.

Garbage #6

The cars were parked away from the wall due to lower shin deep bio-degrading waste garbage co-mingled with general trash.

Garbage #1

I’ve always loved this piece, but had only seen it in pics.

Garbage #2

I’m totally in love with graf art or murals reflected.

Garbage #3

As I attempted to find a path through the trash to get in for close-ups, I was worried a small brownish-grey cat with a long smooth tail and pointy nose might run over a foot.

Garbage #4

Garbage #5

Garbage #7

As I recognize names, I figure this is the CREWS TAKE 5 who painted this marvel.

Garbage #8

Pics taken by Resa, on June 12, 2014

Toronto, Canada

Of Venus

The beauty of this Piece excelled my pulse.

Godor #1

Yet, it was new, and painted over part of the “David Bowie” mural from my last post.

Godor #9

The artists to my knowledge are: Jarus, Kels and Bacon.

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It’s found in a side lane outside the subway station at Bloor and Bathurst.

Godor #8

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Godor #11

Godor #12

Pic taken by Resa, on June 3, 2014

Toronto, Canada