Rise Up – The Parachute Club

“Rise Up” is a call. It’s an anthem to our better selves, for a better world. The song was fun to groove to in the 1980’s, but was anybody listening?

The Parachute Club was a Canadian band formed in Toronto in 1982. By 1987 they had three top 40 hits in Canada, including “Rise Up”

Lorraine Segato, the original front person, teamed with Parachute Club members Julie Masi & David Gray. Under the name “The New Parachute Collective”,  with emerging artists: Theo Tams, Jimmy Chauveau, Jillea, Kayla Diamond, Maya Kiltron and Britta Badour, 

… they have released an updated version to to empower a new generation of youth activists.

All profits go to non-profits.

Pics taken by Resa – February 28, 2023

Toronto, Canada

Here is the new version, with words. Is anybody listening now?

Here is the original infectious video.

 “The enduring appeal of this song has inspired us to celebrate its legacy with a campaign to engage, celebrate and honour a new generation of social justice activists who are shaping the future.” – Lorraine Segato

74 thoughts on “Rise Up – The Parachute Club

    1. Yeah, too bad ears aren’t clip on. Lotsa folks could use a new set.
      If I could, I’d have Hera ears, Jeep ears, Em ears, general bunny ears… all of the beautiful animals’ ears. Well, that would be all animals’ ears! 🐾😍

  1. They are having a lot of fun, Resa! The thought that came to mind was from Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    “Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

    For me, the greatest activism is to be kind.

    Always wonderful to stop by your place! Hugs!

        1. Sigh!
          Makes me think of a career thief I once knew.
          He said only suckers worked for a living.
          Honestly, Rebecca, he worked harder committing crimes than anyone I knew who had honest jobs or careers.

          People work very hard at hate, spite & lies. It’s so much easier to be kind and honest.

            1. Thanks!
              BUT after this message, they took us off line.
              Was 30 hours w/o internet this time. They said the issue was too technical to explain.
              They came and reinstalled everything this morning, all new hardware.
              The agents at the company are all real nice, but the system is messed up.
              I told them they should get high speed internet! 🌹💋🐂 🌎🐂 🌍🐂 🌏🐂💋🌹

    1. “And Still I Rise.” is a great poem by a great writer.
      I still can’t get over that
      “the late Maya Angelou was one of the most banned authors in America, for her debut novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”
      America? The land of the First Amendment? Isn’t that free speech?

    1. Yeah, it is an interesting art technique, and fun music.
      Hey! Belle Grâce is on her way to NYC! Now, I can devote all my sewing time to Charlotte’s gown! xx

        1. Me too!
          Robin was giddy when she left here with Belle Grâce. She said she hadn’t told her gf’s about the gown. Said they’d be pea green with envy. Sounds like Scarlett to me. xx

  2. Oh my. This music is irresistible. I couldn’t help jumping up and dancing, Resa. I love the powerful energy and how positive the message is. Thanks so much for the mural and the infusion of good vibes. Amazing.

    1. Music is important. It has touched humanity since its very concept.
      This is for sure a great tune.
      We could use some new protest songs and anthems out here! xx

    1. Agree!
      Who knows what I’ll find this upcoming art season.
      Still, I’ve got LOTS in my photo files.
      Yes.. hoarding…. mostly leftovers. I tend to publish the best first.

  3. The line in the song “Women’s Time Has Come” gave me shivers! The ’80s was happening, and this song still is telling us to rise up and share our power, yes!

    1. It’s perfect now, for sure.
      I love it too, Meece!
      Hey! Belle Grâce is on her way to NYC! Now I am back full force on the new Art Gown.
      (Sent a new mail about it all, with my new card & some other info)
      So, last night I drew AGM Holly in a motorcycle/biker inspired gown. One thought leads to another.
      Tonight I’m attempting RR at the mic singing, Steve Tyler style… with all the scarves hanging/swirling around. LOL!

  4. Pingback: Rise Up – The Parachute Club — Graffiti Lux Art & More (this is from Resa…the fist video in this post is great and timely. Take a few minutes to listen to it…Gigi) :) | Rethinking Life

        1. Right on!

          So, it is very heartbreaking, at times. It is unfortunately a heartbreak we need to know about.
          I’m not gong to the links as I read. When I am finished, I will begin again, and visit the links then.
          You have done important work! 🌸

  5. Thanks for this post, Resa. What a great, uplifting song.
    Yeah… It seems more like we’ve (collectively) become our worst selves rather than our best. I guess there’s nowhere to go but up. That’s as close to a silver lining as I can think of.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Hugs.

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