Make Art Not War

More art from Toronto’s Graffiti Alley’s artists’ peaceful protest.

The straw that broke the camel’s back.

I believe this black panther is by Nick Sweetman.

There is LOTS of writing in the alley. I couldn’t capture it all. Sometimes the lane was too, narrow. Also, there was a portrait of MLK JR. coming up & I was running out of battery.

James Baldwin – “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Smaller bits from the alley.

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Pics taken by Resa – June 15, 2020

Toronto, Canada

Some of the artists:

I can’t breathe

50 thoughts on “Make Art Not War

    1. Yeah! The art speaks loudly. Next post I saved for last. As I left the alley, there was a portrait of MLK Jr.
      For some reason, I’m thinking if Jimi Hendrix and his version of the “Star Spangled Banner”.

  1. What do you mean you went out without a fully charged battery? I tease.
    These are, of course wonderful and so important works of art.
    You keep bringing them, Sorceress!

    1. well… it was mostly charged. There was LOTS of art, and the pano setting sucks batt and Oh! You’re kidding. ⚡️💥 So, I’ll cool it on the excuses!
      Next post – MLK Jr. ✍︎🎨⊅⚔︎

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    1. You are welcome! Love and love and more love. I saved the painting of MLK Jr. for the last post!!! Abrazos ✍︎🎨⊅⚔︎. ❦❦❦

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