Muisca Art

I have posted Muisca’s art before. Here are 2 pieces, in 1 post.

It’s always colourful, imaginative and sweet.

This first one is from Feel Good Lane.

Don’t get dizzy! I rotated this one, for fun.

This next garage door is from a bit earlier in the year.


Pics taken by – Resa – December 28, 2018 & October 29, 2018

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

This alley was painted as a tribute to Barry Luksenberg, who performed under the name “Feel Good”. At 24, he was killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling across Vietnam with a friend.

55 thoughts on “Muisca Art

    1. Yeah, this is the last main piece. All of the pieces are categorized Feel Good Lane.
      There’s a pic titled Feel Good Lane on the sidebar. Click on the pic & you will go to the entire collection of Feel Good Lane.

  1. Great fun, Resa… I’m wondering if the artist actually painted whilst on his ‘side’ in the Feel Good Lane mural?
    Hahah… As a ‘non-artist’ I can’t imagine him painting a sideways image whilst vertical… lol..

    1. That is a very interesting thought/question, Carolyn. It was dizzying taking the pics, at first. Then I got used to it, and just took pics. That’s what I can say on it. ❤ xoxoxoxo

    1. Musica has a colorfully lyrical style. The eyes are captivating. The last one reminds me of a Mayan mask. They have ceremonial headdresses and masks like that. I think it’s fitting to have named the area Feel Good Lane as looking at the artwork makes one feel good. RIP 🙏

  2. The Muisca are an indigenous group in Colombia who have historically lived in the region just north and east of the capital Bogota. I wonder if the artist is from that region? The patterns and imagery would certainly fit, plus the Muisca were well known for making intricate gold jewelry, much of which can be seen in the Gold Museum in Bogota today. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I don’t know!
      However, you don’t have to love every piece, or see every piece. I am just happy that you come here when you do. You know what it’s like? Thunder only happens, sometimes. 🤗I’d say only when it’s raining, but I know better! 😘

      1. Oh, I know that. And I lose control of my inbox regularly… still. There are those I prefer not to miss 😉
        And Thunder can happen any time…😘

  3. This was a creative and beautiful mural. I like the way the animal heads where laid over one another.

    I am laughing here. Because I read your words I have posted musica before and my mind automatically thinking music. I am staring at the mural searching for musical details. I went back to see you you wrote the artists name not musica as in Spanish for music.

    Nice tribute to Feel Good. Such a terrible shame to lose someone so young.

    1. However, it’s spelled, I think of music, too! It’s music to my eyes. The denizens of the area he lived in must have really liked him & been proud to have an upcoming artist from the hood. The fact that they Painted and named an alley for him is the pudding’s proof!

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