You Look Better with a Moustache

I’ll bet I do, but I can’t grow one! What’s a girl to do?

This piece is in a very narrow lane in Graffiti Alley. Did my best to capture the big picture..

Pics taken by Resa – September 25, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Smug?

33 thoughts on “You Look Better with a Moustache

    1. Whatever street art there is west of the Rockies, I want to see it.
      All I know is that in the east of Canada, (mostly Winnipeg, Toronto & Montreal, we have lots and lots and lots of art in the streets.

  1. This guys´s features are so well done…. And the quote is like a funny wink… and it is so well aligned with the images!!! ❤ Wishing you a happy weekend & sending love, dear RE!

  2. Reminds me of something I would expect to see as a mural in Central or South America. PS: Mark your calendar – make sure you stop by Sunday night/Monday as I will appreciate your timely presence.

          1. Explained all to Holly. Don’t know if you get the comment, so I’m letting you know. Please let me know if you were notified of my comment to Holly. Trying to figure out how this chatting works!

        1. Yes, it’s a travesty. First I decarbonized & turned into Reese Witherspoon. Then I ate a few “special” cookies and turned into Weese Ritherspoon. There’s still a day left in the weekend. Not sure who I will become next.

  3. Gray Dawster

    I think I might try a moustache one of these days,
    perhaps even go the whole nine yards and grow a
    beard too, though I once or twice had a goatee but
    with mixed reactions from my partner. I guess she
    prefers me only with a clean shave 🙂 lol

    Great postings as always my dear friend Resa 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. It’s always of vast interest to me to know what different people like. When it comes to art appreciation, there is no norm. This piece makes me SMILE!!!

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