Ink Canon

It was -20C. I had an errand by Graffiti Alley. I said don’t go into the alley!

Artist: Nicolas Canon

I couldn’t control myself. It was rutted ice and snow. I walked in the ruts.

Artist: Nicolas Canon

Even if there was nothing new, look how gorgeous the alley is! There is miles of painted alleys & lanes.

Artist: Nicolas Canon

I found 5 new pieces. It seems the artists kept going even after the cold set in. I’m so excited, I’m posting one now!

Artist: Nicolas Canon

I wore fingerless gloves & wow, whew, thaw time was required.

Artist: Nicolas Canon

Picks taken by Resa – December 27, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Nicolas Canon @InkCanon

Artist: Nicolas Canon

53 thoughts on “Ink Canon

    1. It is very difficult not to go into a Toronto alley, at least for me. I will be great when the weather warms up a bit, and the fear of slipping on ice is gone.

    1. The alley is spectacular! I could live in it, if allowed. It is hard to believe how much art resides in it, until you visit. I’ll bet this network of alleys and lanes is the world’s most awesome outdoor art gallery! ❤ x ❤

    1. I’m sure Mr. Wapojif would come up with a wildly spectacular Ink Canon! Go for it! 😀
      I mean… just load a pic into the muzzle, aim and BOOM! Wall done!

    1. Thank you for the link! I saw at least one photo of those shots in a previous post of yours.
      There is nowhere to hit like on your blog. There is no follow button, but still I enjoy going there. Thank you for your visit, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

      1. Arletta Ellington

        Happy New Year, Resa!
        Ellington and Arletta

        P.S. I don’t seem to be able to create a link to my blog by entering the adress when I make a comment.

  1. I love this post, Resa, I am smiling. Your enthusiasm and devotion paid off, and many thanks for enduring the cold. Lovely new painting by Canon, lots of mystery and emotion. Graffiti Alley rocks on.

    1. Graffiti Alley is an amazing experience. I feel normal, at home when I am there. It’s very great that there are many other mini alleys around the city. They are all wonderful. Happy New Year, Jet!

    1. It is really a fab piece in an amazing alley! Boy, you would LOVE this place. Hope you have something wonderful planned for New Year Eve! I’m being wined and dined at my fave resto!
      Many hugs to you dear Aq. 💋🌈❤️🦄

    1. I should just give up my day job, and run graffiti tours! 🦄 I could take music with us. 🎵
      Sigh! Now I want to be a Street Art Toronto Guide. 🤡🤡🤡
      ❤️ I used to want to be a Go-Go Dancer, but they went out of style.

      1. I think being a graffiti tour guide would be fantastic. Imagine doing something one really loves an getting paid for it! Maybe you could have a little go go going on too. Seems sensible and lucrative. 🙂

        1. Well, the Go-Go outfits are a bit skimpy, but I suppose I wouldn’t blind anybody.
          I can do the Monkey, The Jerk, oh….oh I can do the Pony!!! 🎵🎵 Mony Mony is perfect for The Pony 🎵🎵 Shoot ’em down turn around come on Mony 🎵🎵
          Yes, I would be quite the sensationalistic spectacle, and all in front of murals, garage door art and general graffiti. SIGH!!! Has my time finally come? 😀 ??

            1. Boogaloo is okay… alright, I’ll do it with the Pony… the 🎵 Boogapony! 😀
              You’ll be the perfect bus driver! Do you have the correct uniform, the one with the gorgeous white Go-Go boots, fishnets and Kenora DinnerJacket? OMG! the KDJ is the most!

                    1. There is a strong resemblance. (ducking pigeon poo) I want to post you…er that bit of art. I want to have drawn the “outfit” by then. Did you know Bill Wyman got into the Stones because he owned a good amp. The whole band plugged into it. I’ll do a gag post! $$ OH! We’re on a Pleather budget! Hopefully that doesn’t affect anything.
                      PS. the comments boxes are getting thin(ish), so if you are crazy enough to answer this comment, start a new comments thread. I’m sure I’ll catch on! ❤️🤡

                    2. Bill Wyman owned an Amp. That explains a lot. Get busy young lady, a Pleather budget…I don’t like the sounds of that! Don’t go cutting corners on me…❤️🤡 That’s really me, I put my nose threw shop. Sorry.

  2. Being a graffiti treasure hunter how could you resist? 🙂 But the surface does look dangerous. And I can feel the -20C
    Wishing you a Happy New Year and many amazing discoveries xxxx

    1. Yes, there will be many new discoveries. xxxx I adore your “Year Of The Dog” post! You are very kind, even to oysters(I remember) Look forward to when you return to photograph the cats!!!
      Happy New Year! xoxo 😀

      1. Thank you! Happy New year to you too, and yes, I will return when the days get longer and I will take more pictures. They have all sorts of animals and birds there, and some reptiles too xx

  3. Carolee Croft

    Thanks for braving the cold to bring us this beautiful art, Resa. We had a cold snap in Edmonton too. Happy New Year!!!

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