A Bicycle Beyond

Smoky has a real storybook imagination.

Artists: Shalak & Smoky

Together, Smoky and Shalak, aka Candestinos, are painting the world.

Artists: Shalak and Smoky

I love all the details.

Artists: Shalak and Smoky (blows up great!)

The little bird homes with pirate flag on the back of the bicycle.

Artists: Clandestinos

The scout in the carrier basket filled with flowers.

Artists: Shalak and Smoky

Bluebirds of happiness.

Artists: Shalak and Smoky

Got lucky with this shot!

Artists: Shalak and Smoky

Pics taken by Resa – June 8, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

This bee is on the other side of the door.

Artists: Shalak and Smoky
Artists: Shalak and Smoky
Artists: Shalak and Smoky

30 thoughts on “A Bicycle Beyond

    1. Toronto is a treasure trove of street art! For your first visit, check out Toronto’s famous graffiti alley. It runs in the alley south of Queen West between Spadina & almost to Bathurst. Start at Spadina. You won’t be disappointed.
      There’s no parking during rush hours.

  1. It’s really amazing, Resa. I don’t know how you can find those fantastic paintings ❤
    I've never seen such a concentration of artist and joy. I think it is a beautiful city to live in!
    Happy days XX

    1. Well dear Hanna, you have the gift of finding an amazing concentration of nature’s beauty where you live. I have the gift of finding my city’s beauty in street art.
      Toronto is a wonderful city to live in.
      Happy days to you, too! XXX

  2. Pingback: Very cool street art from: Graffiti Lux and Murals | Rethinking Life

    1. Agree, yet it is street art! There are many fabulous artists showing their talents in the streets. It is a great way to get noticed! Some are actually making $ now!

    1. Oh, Calgary is a very fab city, and does have some neat street art. Toronto (my home) & Montreal are Canada’s big street art cities. If you get to Toronto, and I’m not working, I’ll take you on a Street Art tour! Montreal has a Street Art Festival that runs for 3 months every summer. I can’t get enough of it.
      Then there is Winnipeg, which is an all Murals City. Fantastic. I go there every 2 or 3 years to catch up.

  3. A lot on this one made me smile. Great color palate with balance between soft and bright colors. The main feature immediately jumps out … but when one takes the time to notice, there is other great work in this piece!

  4. A sweet mural, Resa. Certainly has brought a smile to my face. I love the way the artist has camouflaged the green bins with ‘green’ background alongside the natural flora; a sweet touch!
    Seems you keep plucking fabulous street art from thin air. And yet, I know you are not. It is beginning to surprise me just how many talented artists must be trying to get noticed/known.

    1. The city is filled with artists who paint in the streets. Some have gone on to do gallery shows, some are doing murals for $$$ and a couple are doing oversized posters for in the windows very large food chains. 😀 Now there is a whole new crop of artists out here trying to get noticed. I see no end to this Street Art movement! xoxoxoxo

  5. I thought the detail and all the little easter egg like surprises were neat. Into the colors and the pirate flag and the scout in the basket of flowers. Definitely more than a thousand words to describe this one. 🙂

    1. It is a very sweet fairy tale mural! 😀
      I think if Scheherazade had 1002 nights, she would have told this tale.
      Sorry for the late reply, Just getting over a wicked 2 week sinus infection.
      The weather has gone bananas up here! It was 102F one day, then 68F with cold winds from the north the next. AHHHHCHOOOO!

  6. This is an amazing mural with so much detail. I love the vibrant colors and that lucky shot of the girl riding her bike. The bee and bluebird are also awesome. Great find and photography, Resa!

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