Chichen Itza w/Leopard Bonus

I can’t help myself. I’m starting with the leopard, although the post’s header is Chichen Itza.

Artists: DOH Crew

I seem to find a lot of these larger, hard to photograph murals.

Artists: DOH Crew
Artists: DOH Crew
Artists: DOH Crew

We’re all fortunate that I am not showing more pics of the cat’s head. I was out of control photographing it!

Artists: DOH Crew

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artists: DOH Crew

27 thoughts on “Chichen Itza w/Leopard Bonus

    1. Yeah… right? Animals are very captivating, and I am a cat adorer. 😀
      I hope I find a dog graffiti soon!

      1. Oh, yes they are!!!!!! I remember you did photograph one with 2-3 doggies in it. Hmmm, I have to find it now! But more doggies are very very welcome anyway! Many many hugs to you!!!!!! [and maybe …HB?] This special month I’ll be sending extra hugs and love to you! 😉 xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I’d love to see some of the art where you live! If you ever feel like taking some pics and submitting them, I would do a guest post. After, I take one of your pics, put it on my sidebar and link it to your blog. 😀

    1. Thank you, Eddie! it was a very exciting moment when I found this.
      Lol! The cat lured me in. I could see it from the street car, and got off to take pics.
      Then there it was a Chichen Itza mural!

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