Saltee Islands – treasure bigger than money -part 1

Puffins are my fave bird, but I’ve never met one. Inese has, on the Island of Saltee. Her photographs of Puffins are the best I’ve ever seen. Inese, Thank you for your gorgeous photos, and for allowing me this reblog on Kids’ Month!

Making memories


“All people young and old, are welcome to come, see and enjoy the islands, and leave them as they found them for the unborn generations to come see and enjoy.”      –  Michael the First

Even after I shared two posts on my Saltee experiences I still have a lot to say. I love this place.

When we arrived to Kilmore Quay to catch our motor boat, the sea looked rough. In the days of sail, the area around the Islands was known as “the graveyard of a thousand ships”.  I cannot tell that I have a brilliant memory, but this sort of information somehow always gets stuck in my head.

We boarded our boats – twelve in each – and off we went.  Not wanting to get soaked in salty wate, I went inside the boat, and it was a grave mistake. The waves were rolling over the boat; a few times…

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20 thoughts on “Saltee Islands – treasure bigger than money -part 1

  1. Thank you for reblogging, Resa! I am getting a lot of feedback from these posts ( I have eight of them altogether) – people email me, ask questions. Thank you again for spreading a word 🙂 xx

    1. I’d love to see one in real life. Guess that means I’d actually have to travel… on a plane & boat. I’m fine over dry land, it’s the oceans that concern me.

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