And the winner is … Sol

Drake & I wish Sol a safe flight over the Atlantic Ocean. We are excited for her arrival & Drake has prepared many surprises for his beautiful fiancée!

Arcilla y fuego

Pato de cerámica La afortunada ganadora.

Ya es oficial, Drake ha escogido a su futura compañera de vuelos, la afortunada ganadora se muestra deslumbrante desde que llegó la esperada noticia.

Quiero agradecer vuestra colaboración y vuestra paciencia durante las largas deliberaciones de Drake, creo que con vuestros votos lo ayudasteis a tomar una decisión.

Pato de cerámica Un largo vuelo

Solestá preparando sus maletas, será un largo y peligroso vuelo hasta Toronto y debe tomar todas las precauciones necesarias, su seguridad y la de su huevo son ahora lo mas importante.

Pato de cerámica Ciudades por descubrir.

Ella sueña con grandes y bonitas ciudades por descubrir, confía en que Drake actúe como un buen guía  y le muestre todos los rincones de su nuevo hogar … Sol ha investigado un poco en Wikipedia y  ha creado una lista de lugares que le gustaría sobrevolar,  visitas imprescindibles para una turista española en Canadá.

Pato de cerámica Islas para explorar.

Quizá también encuentre…

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15 thoughts on “And the winner is … Sol

    1. Yeah!!! xxxxxxx
      Drake has been looking over your 2017 Art Calendar for possible wedding dates. Once they pick a day, they will have a photo together by your calendar with the Date circled. 😀 😀
      These are happy times for us. xoxoxoxo

  1. Thank you very much for sharing the post with your followers !!
    We all wish her a happy and smooth flight.
    Sol says that when she arrives in Toronto, the first thing to do is to order time at the hairdresser, the feathers suffer a lot during the flight 🙂

    1. Of course you want beautiful little Sol! She is very endearing, as are you, and as are all of Belen’s creations. So, now we wait for her to journey over the Atlantic to Toronto. 😀 Will keep you posted! 😀

  2. Good choice ! Sol was my favourite duck ! You’ll have to get your thinking cat on dear Resa and design a wedding gown for Sol 🙂 Big hug. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

    PS. Sorry I have been so long to comment, but I have been using a psychotic tablet which, hopefully, will be back in its box next weekend. My laptop can't be repaired so I have ordered a new one. So I'll have to keep taking the tablet for another week ! Oh boy ! Xox

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