Chalking it Up!

Here’s the rest of the chalk art I managed to gather at the Festival.

EVER GALVEZ – Fullerton, California USA


Ever Galvez Website


JOEL YAU – San Rafael, California, USA

Artist: Joel Yau
Artist: Joel Yau

If you visit Joel Yau’s Website you will see he is a very accomplished graphic artist

Artist: Joel Yau

ERIK GREENAWALT – Irwin, Pennsylvania, USA

Artist: Erik Greeawalt

Visit Erik Greenawalt on Instagram

Artist: Erik Greeawalt

JENNIFER CHAPPARO – Hobe Sound, Florida. USA

Artist: Jennifer Chaparro

You can visit Jennifer on LinkedIn


WAYNE & CHERYL RENSHAW – Santa Clara, California. USA

Artists: Wayne & Cheryl Renshaw

Here is Wayne & Cheryl’s Website


MARLON YANES – Redwood City, California, USA

Artist: Marlon Yanes

Marlon can be found on LinkedIn

Artist: Marlon Yanes

THE CHALK GUYS – West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Artists: The Chalk Guys
Artists: The Chalk Guys

The Chalk Guys are on FaceBook

Pics take by Resa  – August 13 & 14, 2016

Cambridge, Ontario

Csf1 #9

Also, Angels’ kisses & many Thank You’s to Brian Price & Linda Daniher- Festival Organizers

& big thank you’s to all the Official Sponsors of the first


Csf1 #10
Artist: Shalak Attack

30 thoughts on “Chalking it Up!

    1. I thought that one was pretty cute!
      The Chalk Guys are much more amazing than what they did, but it did rain the first day of the festival.
      Chalk Artists had to put 2 days of art into 1. I think The Chalk Guys went smart! 😀

  1. What fun you must have had, Resa, being amongst these artists. Though, now I’m conscious of ‘your’ art. I’m sure there’d be a mutual appreciation happening were you to show your textile artistry. I wonder if there’s an avenue there somehow?!? Just thinking out loud… but… hmmmm..
    Great images. A bit tricky, I’m sure, to get the best angles! 🙂

    1. It’s lots of fun taking pics of art on a sidewalk. The odd perspectives create another art. 😀
      Yes… textiles. I’ve been working on a New Art Gown. This one will be able to come off the Judy and go onto a human body. I have a photographer & a model, but will do my normal type Art Gown post first.
      And it’s not all in one, it’s done in components that clip together… like pre-fab homes, but a pre-fab Art Gown. It leaves me many options to put together a variety of gowns. 😀
      She’s based on Swans, ducks and pigeons, and she’s a stunner!

  2. Freakin’ amazing – I can’t even work with chalk because the touch gives me the shivers. Weird, I know. Not that I could even do that anyway! Glad you got to see this and share it with us!

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