My Handsome Boy

What a beauty!

Lion #1
Artist: @EGR artist

I found him on a 100 ‘ board fence with other gorgousnesses.

Lion #2
Artist: @EGR artist

The sun was headed down, and my camera batt about to die. I’m so thrilled that I captured him in the nick of time.

Lion #4
Artist: @EGR artist
Lion #5
Artist: @EGR artist

More on this fence, soon. LOL, I’m still working on Underpass Park & I have these blue doggies I want to post.

Lion #6
Artist: @EGR artist

Pics taken by Resa, December 5, 2015

Toronto, Canada

EGR is the Artist

Lion #3

19 thoughts on “My Handsome Boy

  1. I know, hey! I could just love him & pet him & hold him & hug him & kiss him & talk in purrs to him &… well you’re a poet/writer… you get my loving drift!

    1. Yeah, the lion is very pretty, & I’m looking forward to the Banksy art Cindy found.
      He was here several years ago & did about 7 pieces of street art, but within hours they had been stolen…. I mean people literally cut out pieces of buildings, took off doors or whatever.
      1 remains because the building owner was clued in & had a massively thick piece of some unbreakable Plexiglas seriously bolted onto his building over it. There is also metal fencing and locking gate enclosing the area.

    1. & it’s not the first time I’ve been in that position! The fence I found was about 1/4 block long. I snapped all my fave bits, but the rest is still great. I will try to go back, but I don’t always get the time right away, & often when I go back the art is gone.

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