Elicser Elixser

It’s on a side wall, in a parking “slot”, north alley, Queen West between Spadina & University .

E #1

It was impossible to get a full shot. So, here’s the mural in pieces & car reflections, working left to right:

E #2

Ahh, a nice mesh gate at the start of the mural. It was about 2 meters between a car, and the wall behind me.

E #4

Elicser usually signs his work, but there were cars blocking the bottom, and any signature was lost to me.

E #3

If it’s not Elicser, I’d love to be corrected

E #6

E #7

E #9

E #10

E #11

This is the best I could get of the mural in its entirety.

E #12

Pics taken by Resa, on May 13, 2014

Toronto, Canada

21 thoughts on “Elicser Elixser

    1. Yeah, I like the eyes, too! I’m no “Art Critic”, “lol”, but I believe this artist has made a mark: in his time, in the streets of Toronto.

        1. We want to be succinct, that is why!
          Although in any colloquial society, things can be called in the way words have evolved for that society.
          Therefore, tattoos on walls works for certain people.
          Others may need to hear the words “tattoo style art on walls” or “graffiti art style tattoo”.
          As in many “Art Movements”, Graffiti and Tattoos have a special, specific overlap.

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