Coyote & Grizzlies

Aarrooo… yip … bark .. roo roo… aaarooo, yip!

Artist: Cash Akoza

Who goes there? Wolf or a coyote?

Artist: Cash Akoza

I’m a coyote, but I’m practicing to be a wolf.

Artist: Cash Akoza

Whoa, just hold on there!

Artist: Cash Akoza

I’m pretty sure once a coyote, always a coyote. Check out Cindy Knoke’s pictures of coyotes that she took!  Click on the pic, and it will take you to her coyotes.

Photo © Cindy Knoke

I changed my mind. I’m a wolf! Yip, bark, arooo, yip.

Artist:Cash Akoza

Not so fast little buddy! I’m going to ask my cousin Wilbear. He lives on a shipping container across town.

Artist: Cash Akoza

Howdy Beary! I’d say he’s a coyote.

Artist: Cash Akoza

Well, maybe you guys aren’t Grizzly Bears?

Artist: Cash Akoza

 As sure as you and Beary live in the same mural, Beary and I are grizzlies. I’d like to add if people click on the mural above, they can see how splendid it is.

Artist: Cash Akoza

 Also, if you click on Cindy‘s Grizzly pic below, you will be transported to Cindy’s pics of our real grizzly cousins!

Photo @ Cindy Knoke

Well, yip yip, aarooo!

Artist: Cash Akoza = Another shot that blows up beautifully!

0acd8acf1e33598ca9971304aaca47e4A big “thank you” to Cindy Knoke, a fave blogger of mine. She takes fabulous photographs, and shares them with us. Her blog is visually gorgeous and educational. She has joined with me to help make Kids’ Month into a special time.

Click on her pic, or name to visit her blog.

Pics of Street Art Bears & Coyote taken by Resa – October 25 & 26, 2017

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pics of real coyotes and bears taken by © Cindy Knoke

Artist: Cash Akoza


On Toys for Kids

Frank, you’re a doll! First a party with ice-cream and cake, now a party of toys. You have helped to make Kids’ Month a lot of fun. I send you a party of Thank yous! Make that 2 parties of Thank yous!




Head over to Frank’s post to see all the close ups of the toys in this fabulous mural!


Studio Takeuma: Zoo Sketches

These zoo sketches by Japanese artist Takeuma, presented on Global Art Junkie are beautifully naive, colorful and perfect for Kids’ Month. J. Walters, the Art Junkie, showcases all kinds of arts from over the world. She also hosts Canadian Art Junkie, & is presenting a spectacular series on 150 Canadian Artists over the year 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday. Don’t miss out!

Kids Need Heroes

The super hero could be mom or dad.

Maybe they’re an uncle or an aunt?

It could be cousins, friends, teachers, preachers, lovers, good deed doers ….OR it could be

⭐ ⭐ BATMAN ⭐ ⭐

Pics taken by Resa, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artists: Tokyo and friends


Spring Chicks

The first day of spring is in a few days, & the Uber 5000 chicks celebrate with art.

Artist: Uber 5000

The painting doesn’t get any higher than this. It is mostly 2 feet off the ground.

Artist: Uber 5000

I tried hunching down low.

Artist: Uber 5000

As you see, getting down on my knees & elbows worked better.

Artist: Uber 5000

The Chicks are writing!

Artist: Uber 5000

They are reciting and acting!

Artist: Uber 5000

They are painting!

Artist: Uber 5000

They are erasing mistakes, and starting over again!

Artist: Uber 5000

They’re taking off to the alleys to paint street art.

Artist: Uber 5000

They are riding waves, and

Artist: Uber 5000

…painting Sea Serpents.

Artist: Uber 5000

Get a better look by clicking on the pic below.

Artist: Uber 5000

Pics taken by Resa – February 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Uber 5000
Artist: Uber 5000


Artist: Uber 5000



A Wolf Inspires a Poem for Kids’ Month

Much love to you dear Christy, for sharing your talent here on Kids’ Month. This poem is truly inspired, and you are a hero to me. I also thank you (and Aquileana) for making me aware of “Let Girls Learn”. It is one of the charities I am supporting here,on KM!

Poetic Parfait

Hi all! This new poem called “Challenge” gets its inspiration from a particular piece of street art depicting a wolf. The amazing artwork was photographed by Resa of Graffiti Lux and Murals, as part of Kids’ Month. Resa has taken photos of wonderful youth-friendly street art and asked for submissions of poetry and short stories to accompany them throughout the month of March. I’m happy to be a part of the exciting project this year! You can participate too by following the link above.

This wolf art caught my eye with its bright colors and wonderful details. The artist is Cash Akoza.

Blue Eyed Wolf Street Art Wolf Art Inspires Poetry. Art © Cash Akoza. Photo © Resa McConaghy.

And here is the poem that stirred in my mind as I looked at the wolf street art:


You’re a lone wolf,
Away from the pack and
Savoring a fearless thought,
Blue eyes intent on the path…

View original post 43 more words

♡ Pigeon ♡

This is the second of 3 poems Georgiann Carlson has generously submitted for Kids’ Month.


– Written by:  Georgiann Carlson
Look what I found for Georgiann, a street art pigeon! It’s just a tiny little bit of art, hiding in a corner in a alley. Anyway, it’s for her and if you click on it, you will be transported to her blog via pigeon magic.
Photo taken by Resa – December, 2016 – Toronto
Georgiann, a talented artist, writer/author, who loves books, philosophy and a good conversation, hails from Chicago & hosts a fab blog called Rethinking Life.

She’s a vegetarian, loves cats and is an animal rights activist.

Jeep & Johnny, those exquisite cats on the left, send love to her, and thank her for helping mommy on Kids’ Month.



Click on the LGL logo below and check out this fab charity!