A Wolf Inspires a Poem for Kids’ Month

Much love to you dear Christy, for sharing your talent here on Kids’ Month. This poem is truly inspired, and you are a hero to me. I also thank you (and Aquileana) for making me aware of “Let Girls Learn”. It is one of the charities I am supporting here,on KM!

Poetic Parfait

Hi all! This new poem called “Challenge” gets its inspiration from a particular piece of street art depicting a wolf. The amazing artwork was photographed by Resa of Graffiti Lux and Murals, as part of Kids’ Month. Resa has taken photos of wonderful youth-friendly street art and asked for submissions of poetry and short stories to accompany them throughout the month of March. I’m happy to be a part of the exciting project this year! You can participate too by following the link above.

This wolf art caught my eye with its bright colors and wonderful details. The artist is Cash Akoza.

Blue Eyed Wolf Street Art Wolf Art Inspires Poetry. Art © Cash Akoza. Photo © Resa McConaghy.

And here is the poem that stirred in my mind as I looked at the wolf street art:


You’re a lone wolf,
Away from the pack and
Savoring a fearless thought,
Blue eyes intent on the path…

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34 thoughts on “A Wolf Inspires a Poem for Kids’ Month

  1. Thank you for the reblog and kind words, Resa. I love what you are doing here! I’m so glad Aquileana and I told you about Let Girls Learn too. It’s nice that we can collaborate, motivate, and cheer one another on ❤

    1. Dearest Christy,
      Yay! Thank you for writing such a great and clever poem for Kids’ Month! ❤ I love collaborations, and Kids' Month is my first attempt to join with more than 1 person on a project.
      "Let Girls Learn" is a wonderful cause, and it's hard to believe that in 2017 AD girls and women are still kept down.
      Let Girls Learn is one of 5 causes I am attempting to champion during Kids' Month.
      Another cause that does a lot for women and children (mostly girls, but young boys, too) is Matai Nepal. Incredible that people (mostly men) enslave children and women into sexual servitude. If you don't know about it take a moment to check it out. The link is on my sidebar with the other 4 causes./charities.
      Matai Nepal was a CNN Hero in 2012.
      Love to you, Christy! xoxo

  2. Alpha Wolf,

    drifting through the silent still night,
    away from those,

    dancing within society,
    throughout humanity…

    No longer hunting those simple Unicorns…

    As a gift,

    wood too,

    Consider it done!


  3. I love wolves. This one certainly catches the eye and looks a bit like Sashia, a husky mix I adopted before Ms. Zulu came on board. She was a lot of fun. She died at age 10.5. She struggled with chronic kidney disease since age 1.5.

        1. No worries! Like I said, they can be from your collection. I will be happy with whatever you send. It’s just so great to have lovely doggies helping out! xo

  4. Hi Resa & Christy 🙂
    A lovely joint post. Great picture of the Wolf ! You do know that my name, Ralph, means Counsel Wolf or make you sick. Take your pick ! Ha ha.
    Love and hugs. Ralph xoxox ❤

  5. Once again Christy knows how to bring imagination and a cunning story line letting the reader fill in the rest – wonderful art to complete Resa!

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