Chicago…a poem (2 pictures)

Gigi’s Chicago

Rethinking Life

Free Aerial Photography of City Buildings Stock Photo

we all love different things
I love Chicago
this photo
makes Her look beautiful
which is easy to do
since She is gorgeous
but things look different
from the ground
and it depends
on where you’re standing
while the city stays the same
the people change
today’s Chicago
isn’t like the one
I grew up in
I’ve lived here all my life
and now there are places
I can no longer visit
because of the violence
places that have been
turned into danger zones
the violence is getting worse
people are angry
angry at being poor
at police brutality
at the status quo
at the fact that nothing changes
for the better
that promises are broken
or were never intended
to be made real
I love Chicago
She’s beautiful
when I’m standing on Michigan Avenue
across from the Art Institute
and The Bean
I breathe Her in
watch the kids…

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